Which One Is Better For Blog Writing: WordPress Or Wix? Why?

By admin / December 29, 2018

At the time of building a site, several questions begin to arise and one of the most frequent is on which platform we should use. It is not a few times that the issue is between WordPress or Wix. To make that choice easier, we put some characteristics of the two in the balance so you can make the most assertive decision when it comes to getting your project off the paper.

WordPress or Wix


WordPress is an open source platform, meaning information is available for anyone to use and modify. Any developer can create themes and plugins for WordPress, so that other users can download or buy.

Wix, on the other hand, is a controlled and tested platform so that it is always in full operation. Customization is limited and only the developers themselves can make changes.

The balcony here between WP and Wix is ​​that the first option, different from the second one, is available for free and has several hosting plans so that you can choose the one with the best cost for your project. Check out KingHost’s list of KingHost hosting plans .


Whether it’s for beginners or those who are already accustomed to site building platforms, Wix and WP provide simple and practical ways to accomplish your projects.

WordPress, for example, comes with a panel in which you can write content and customize the theme you want. In addition, there is the possibility to hire a hosting plan for your site and ensure specialist support for all stages of your project.

Wix is ​​known by the “drag and drop” method, that is, any customization of the site is done using pre-existing formats that can be distributed during the process of building the pages. However, even with this ease, there are restrictions on the possibilities of site layout and programming.

Design and Layout

Here WordPress has extreme advantage. Although Wix has some practicality when preparing the layout of projects, it also has the limiting factor when it comes to the amount of layout possibilities and themes. WordPress has hundreds of thousands of paid and free themes, and you can customize your page yourself. In addition, you can visit specific sites where you can download ready-made themes like: ThemeLab, StudioPress, Headway Themes, Themify, Themeforest and others.

Pluggins and Apps

Another fight won by our dear WP. Although Wix presents a considerable amount of apps (the way they call the plugins), which reaches almost 200; is not comparable with WordPress, which has more than 53,000 free plugins only in the WordPress.org directory. Not counting the features paid and available in other marketplaces.

There’s even a saying the gringos usually say about WP: “If you thought of something, there’s probably a WordPress plugin to make it happen.”

In summary:

WordPress is far superior than Wix as a publishing platform for any kind of website. While Wix can be an easier and simpler tool, it loses to the amount of features and applications that WordPress can guarantee for your project.

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