Which Are The Best Free Website Builders In 2019?

By admin / December 29, 2018

Top 5 services to create a free website

Do you want to create a free website quickly, easily and without having advanced technical skills? This is already possible in 2018.

That is why professional website designers hate these services because they can no longer charge you hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a website.

With the 5 website creators below, you can do this work yourself in just a few minutes.

These creators are perfect for freelancers, small business owners or just people who want to create a website. And, as you know, having a website is a must nowadays – even for offline business – like cafes, restaurants, barbershops, yoga instructors and so many others …Just imagine:

If you’re driving alone in a city you do not know, and need some kind of service, you almost always start with a Google search, right? And the company you find in the search results will earn your money.

So having a strong online presence even with a free website is always a good idea for small businesses. And if you want to have a website that looks totally professional, for a very low price per month you can have your own domain and also your professional email address like yourname@yourcompany.com if you are in Brazil, or .pt if you are in Portugal.

So come on: Want to know which is the best site creator in 2018? Here is the definitive list! They all create modern and responsive websites that work well on all devices: cell phones, tablets and computers!

  1. Wix – The most popular service for creating free websites

The Wix is probably the most popular service to create sites for free. They have more than 100 million users in 180 countries.

Start adding your own texts and image to customize your website!

Wix has many services like online store, a reservation system where customers can book appointments with you, chat service for people who are visiting your site, etc. It is the site that has the most characteristics among the 5 creators mentioned in this article.

Wix is ​​good for people who just need a basic website and one who needs something more advanced, even with their own online store. Everyone can create a website in just a few minutes.

The free Wix site will have some prominent ads showing that the site was made with Wix – one on the inside of the page and one on the top corner.

The URL does not look too pretty, to be honest. However, if you buy a premium package, you can evade the ads and gain a domain of your own. They have a few different price options, but the most common will cost something around $ 10 a month.

  1. Webnode – best free website creator for non-professionals: very easy to use!

Create free website

The Webnode is an international company that offers a very easy to build a free website with professional – looking way.

Compared to Wix, it’s even easier to use even with the most common services for small business owners or freelancers. So if you are thinking about how to create a free website, there could be an easier way than with Webnode. Anyone can:

All Webnode sites will have SSL protection (you’ll notice by S in the “https” in the address bar)! This will give you a sense of more professionalism and security for the visitors to your site!

  1. Weebly – Free website with artistic style

Following, in our test, the third place goes to the Weebly . It is an American company, but the site creator is also available in Portuguese as well as many other languages.

Here we have several models of websites with cool design, clean and minimalist to choose from. You simply register with your email, your Facebook or your Google account and create your free website.

So in summary: If you are a creative person, fashion world or art, or have a business in this industry serving an international audience, Weebly may be your choice!

In the free version, the address of your site will be http://sua-schools.weebly.com and the site will also have a small Weebly ad at the bottom of the page.

If you upgrade to a paid package, Weebly also offers free domains in the first year. However, they have some limitations with Brazilian domains (.com.br and .br). But if you already have your own domain (with any extension), you can connect it to your website on Weebly. The same goes for all the creators cited in this text – if you already have a previous domain, you can import it into your new site.

  1. Jimdo – another service to create a free website

Jimdo is a German company that also offers a simple service to create a free website. This option is also good for freelancers, artists and even bloggers.

However, many of their site templates may look a little old. But if you do not like the three options above, you can test Jimdo. However, the service is not currently available in Portuguese.

There will also be small Jimdo ads at the bottom of the page. By the way: it’s almost impossible to get a free website without ads. In some services they are smaller, in others they are larger.

And if you want to take jimdo out of the address and remove the ads, of course there are paid packages available at the following prices;

Jimdo even has an application for Android and IOS. It allows you to edit texts, add new photos and write new blog posts. It’s worth a try if you’re traveling alone with your cell phone and want to write your experiences on a blog.

  1. Website for free with WordPress.com – the best for bloggers!

The 4 free website creators mentioned above are perfect for more static small business websites, freelancers, etc. But if your main purpose is to write texts, and you do not want to pay anything, then your choice will be WordPress.com .

You simply register with your email and you can immediately have your own WordPress blog.

WordPress is the most popular platform for bloggers around the world, so if you’re a novice blogger, WordPress.com is a good and easy way to get to know WordPress for free. If you want to have your own domain and want to even be a blogger, then it is best to search for a site hosted on WordPress.org.

Attention : WordPress.com and WordPress.org are different things. But this is a long story that we will leave to another text. If you want to get started faster and free, just go ahead and build your own blog with wordpress.com!

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