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By admin / September 13, 2022

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Who is Typical Gamer on YouTube? Andre Rebelo
Andre Rebelo (born: () [age 30]), better known online as Typical Gamer, is a Canadian gaming YouTuber well known for his Fortnite videos as well as live streams.

What is typical gamers first YouTube video? TG on Twitter: “My first video ever on YouTube was Red Dead Redemption. I got so much love for the game and franchise.” / Twitter.

How old is typical gamers YouTube channel? Personal Information
Name Andre Rebelo
Profile Name Typical Gamer
DOB (Age) (30 years)
DOJ (YouTube) August 24th, 2008
Total Videos 3,893
4 more rows

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What is a YouTube Gamer?

A live video gaming site from Google. YouTube Gaming allowed spectators to watch the game being played in real time for fun or competition. Following in the footsteps of the Twitch gaming site, YouTube Gaming was launched in 2015 and terminated in 2019.

How much money does TG plays have?

Personal Information
Name Andre Rebelo
Net Worth $23 million
Total Videos <3.9k Upload Schedule/Activity Status Daily/Active Residence Vancouver, Canada 3 more rows

How old is Tiko?

Tiko is a famous YouTuber and Gamer who is Known for his cute kid voice in gaming videos on his Youtube channel. Tiko was born on in the United States and right now Tiko’s age is 16 years old in 2022.

How many subscribers does TG plays have?

YouTube Channel Stats for TG Plays

TG Plays’s number of subscribers is 5.5M with 83.1K new subscribers in the last 30 days. The most recent video on the TG Plays channel was uploaded 7 days ago days ago. The average number of views per TG Plays’s YouTube video is 975.3K, while the highest number of views is 1.5M.

What was the first Fortnite skin?

Black Knight was the first ever Legendary Fortnite skin.

A couple examples are Red Knight and Spider Knight.

Who is the most popular Fortnite Youtuber?

Nick Eh 30 is one of the most popular Fortnite YouTubers and also one of the most entertaining players to watch. He is very wholesome and his content is a lot of fun.

What is a YouTube URL?

A custom URL is an easy-to-remember channel URL that you can share with your audience. Custom URLs are based on your channel name and display as youtube.com/yourcustomname or youtube.com/c/yourcustomname. Note: You can remove and set up a new custom URL for your channel up to 3 times per year.

How old is Mr Beast?

24 years ()
MrBeast / Age

What is typical gamers real job?

Typical Gamer
Personal information
Born Andre Rebelo (age 30) Toronto, Canada
Residence Vancouver, Canada
Occupation Gamer Online streamer
8 more rows•

Who is No 1 gamer in world?

As of June 2022, Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie was ranked first among the most popular YouTube gaming channels with 44.3 million subscribers. Salvadoran gamer Luis Fernando Flores, known as Fernanfloo, was ranked second with 45 million subscribers.

Who is the first YouTuber gamer?

Hamako Mori
Gamer Grandma
Personal information
Born Hamako Mori Asakusa, Japan
Occupation YouTuber, esports player
YouTube information
6 more rows

Who is the biggest YouTube gamer?

Pewdiepie is often referred to as the figurehead of the gaming world thanks to his exponential growth and reach. Although he has been marred by some controversy in the past, he continues to be YouTube’s most famous male face.

Is Typical Gamer rich?

A. Andre Rebelo, also known as Typical Gamer online, is a Canadian gamer, YouTuber, and streamer with an estimated net worth of $23 million. Given he makes about $5 million per year from AdSense revenue from his main YouTube channel alone, it is a safe bet to assume Rebelo is extremely rich.

How much does Mr Beast make a year?

How much money does MrBeast make? It is estimated that the American YouTuber makes $76.9K – $1.2M per month and around $922.4K – $14.8M annually through his YouTube channels. Forbes also tagged his channel as one of the most popular and most viewed channels in 2019 and 2020.

How much do Gamer Youtubers make?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing monthly salaries as high as $10,167 and as low as $1,458, the majority of Work From Home Youtube Gaming salaries currently range between $2,833 (25th percentile) to $6,416 (75th percentile) across the United States.

Is Tiko a girl or boy?

Jayden (born: () [age 16]), better known online as Tiko, is an American YouTuber known for his online fish persona and recording Fortnite videos with a voice changer along with playing with his fans.

Does Tiko use voice changer?

A: Tiko is an American YouTuber named Jayden. He is well-known among the YouTube and gaming community because of his voice changer. He uses a squeaky voice changer while recording Fortnite videos and while streaming.

Does Tiko have a little brother?

Tiko’s younger brother, Francisco, was also a footballer and a midfielder. He played exclusively in the lower leagues, also representing Osasuna B.

Why is Typical Gamer famous?

Typical Gamer (Real Name: Andre Rebelo, born on ; Age: 29 years old) is a well-known Gamer, YouTuber, social media star, entrepreneur, media face, and Internet personality from Toronto, Canada. He is famously known in the country for his amazing video games.

What is the rarest Fortnite emote?

The rarest emote in Fortnite is Rambunctious. This emote was released in 2018 during Chapter 1 Season 4 of Fortnite, which makes this an OG cosmetic item in the game. The emote could be bought from the Item Shop for just 500 V-Bucks.

Why is renegade Raider so rare?

Renegade Raider is so old that it predates the Battle Pass System. To obtain it, players had to reach level 20 and then go to the Item Shop, where this skin was purchasable for 1,200 V-Bucks. Due to this outfit being released before Fortnite became massively popular, only a select few players have it.

Is Raptor an OG skin?

The Raptor Skin is a Legendary Fortnite Outfit. It was released on January 14th, 2018 and was last available 18 days ago. It can be purchased from the Item Shop for 2,000 V-Bucks when listed. Raptor was first added to the game in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 1.

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