What Is Proxy Shipping

By admin / September 21, 2022

What Is Proxy Shipping

Is CDJapan a proxy? About CDJapan Proxy Shopping Services

CDJapan Proxy Shopping is a service where we “shop on your behalf” for products that are not available on our site, but are available at other online shops in Japan. Once you send us a request for your preferred product, we will register the item to our website.

How much is the CDJapan service fee? A 1,200yen
Payment. * A 1,200yen Standard Fee will apply which covers handling fees for online purchasing, unpackaging/re-packaging, and other related fees.

What is package consolidation CDJapan? Package Consolidation. 300yen. By choosing DHL, FedEx, EMS, or Registered Airmail, you ordered will be insured for any damage and or loss occurred during transit. In which case, CDJapan will refund in full (item price + shipping + other service fees occurred) or replace damaged/missing item(s) accordingly.

What Is Proxy Shipping – Related Questions

What is JP Buyee?

“Add to Buyee” is a software tool that allows you to shop directly from Amazon Japan.

Is it safe to order from CDJapan?

For over 20 years, CDJapan has been one of the most reliable online sources for users from all-around-the-world to purchase CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, figures/good characters, plastic models, books, magazines, video games, Japanese craft and more quality products unique to Japan.

What is proxy online shopping?

Proxy-buying means shopping using a third-party to purchase an item on your behalf. If we can buy the item you request and ship it to you, we will handle your order and help you obtain the product you are after. In other words, we help you purchase an item than you cannot buy by yourself and we ship it to you.

Is CDJapan English?

Unlike Amazon Japan, CDJapan is in English, so you’ll be able to easily search for what you want to buy.

What is Buyee fee?

Service Fee: 300 JPY / $3 per order

As a general rule, Buyee only checks whether the product purchased by the customer can be shipped internationally when it arrives at the warehouse. In rare cases, the seller / store may send you items with different sizes, colors, and quantities.

How long does CDJapan take to refund?

Orders placed within the past 180days

Full Cancellation: You will receive a refund on your debit/prepaid card. The period for the refund to appear will vary depending on your card company but normally you should receive the refund in 1-3 months. Partial Cancellation: You will receive a refund in CDJapan shopper points.

Does CDJapan combine shipping?

Can I request items from multiple shops and purchase from CDJapan in one order? Yes, and you can combine your shipment without further charges.

Does CDJapan charge for preorders?

We will have to fully charge you for the new order total when your order ships out. At that point, your original charge is canceled and you will receive a refund for the original charge.

Is Buyee JP trusted?

Overview. Buyee has a consumer rating of 3.53 stars from 280 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Buyee most frequently mention customer service, shipping options and yahoo auctions.

How does Buyee make money?

Buyee takes a 10% commission against the purchase price, plus a 200 yen per package Buying Fee. Add the shipping cost via EMS or UPS, and you get the product delivered to you. All the fees and so on are explained in Japanese, English and Mandarin on their site.

Does Buyee charge in yen or USD?

Fees are listed in Japanese yen, as well as the currency of the country you have registered on User Information, in your My Page. The currency of your payments will be determined by the country of issue of your credit card. If that currency is incompatible with Buyee, your payments will be made in US dollars.

How long does CDJapan take to ship?

1-2 weeks
To Be Confirmed: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks

Once purchased, we can ship out your product within 1-2 weeks on average. If the product is sold out, or does not match your request, we will send a cancellation email.

How do I pay CDJapan?

We accept Credit Cards, PayPal, Check Cards (VISA, VISA Check Card, VISA Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Check Card, American Express, Diners Club, JCB), International Postal Money Order, Alipay, and Cash (Japanese Yen or US Dollars).

What is a proxy seller?

As its name suggests, Proxy-Seller sells proxies. More specifically, it sells dedicated proxies, meaning that each proxy you purchase is only for your own use. Proxies can be bought individually or in bulk, and you can specify a country, city, or purpose (more on this later).

Which type of proxy is widely used in e commerce industry?

Residential proxies perform very well for ecommerce web scraping. They are IP addresses that bypass geo-locations to make you appear to be a real resident of that IP address. Using rotating residential proxies, you can gather a huge amount of competitor data without being noticed.

Why does it say I’m using a VPN or proxy when I’m not?

If you receive this message, it means we’ve detected that your device is connected to a VPN, proxy service, or other software that may reroute your internet traffic outside your current region. Please disable these services on your device to stream videos.

Why do Japanese still buy CDs?

NO HANDSHAKES. One major reason CDs have remained so popular in Japan has been that record labels often bundle CD singles and albums with perks for pop idol fans, including vouchers for priority concert ticket purchases and invitations to handshake events.

Where is CDJapan located?

Shizuoka prefecture
The facility is located in Shizuoka prefecture, where is famous for Mt. Fuji and is about two hours by Shinkansen (bullet train) from our office in Tokyo. It’s located in a separate facility as we need a large storing place equipped with a warehouse management system.

How do I buy an album from Japan?

How to buy music from Japan
CDJapan – English site, cheap shipping, point rewards.
YesAsia – Hong Kong-based, enjoy free shipping!
Amazon Japan – Best discounts on DVDs and CD+DVD sets.
HMV Japan – Bilingual site, large selection and sometimes promo goodies.
Play-Asia – English site, cheap shipping.

What countries does Buyee ship to?

Buyee offers the following international shipping methods.
Buyee Air Delivery
United States of America.

How long does Buyee take to deliver?

Domestic Shipping Delivery Dates

We will usually ship domestic packages within 2 days after receiving the payment for the shipping fees.

Do you pay for shipping on Buyee?

There might be a domestic shipping fees charged by the seller/store. Please check each seller/store`s information page for more details. If the consumption tax is already included, it will be charged when you win the bid/place the order. Campaigns and other discounts are not applied to the estimated fee.

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