What Does It All Look At When Building A Website ?

By admin / September 20, 2018

Often in conversations with customers we say in advance that you do not build a website but develop it. It is an ongoing process that requires continuous attention from you as a website administrator and the agency that helps you with the development of your website. In this blog I try to indicate what you should take into account when developing a “standard” website. This is interesting for anyone who is planning to invest in a website soon or who already has a website online and is wondering whether he has handled this well in the preparation and perhaps still can win something. The latter because also the steps that can be taken (should …) are taken at an already online website so that it is not only standing but also really continues to render.

A good start is half the work
The nuance as made in the introduction of this blog is small but there is a solid difference between building a website and developing a website. With this first you put a website online and that’s it. When developing a website, you immediately assume at the beginning of the website that it is never really “finished” and that this tool will always need maintenance and attention.

A website is an investment, regardless of whether you take a website of € 1,000 or € 15,000, and an investment must always yield something. When you open a webshop this is fairly easy to calculate, the costs you made for the first step of the website you want to have earned as soon as possible of course. But with an informative or company website, the payback time is much more difficult to calculate and determine. A good investment requires a good preparation, of course you want to maximize the chance of a good outcome. To take care of this, it is important to have insight into a few factors; What do you want with the website, what does the visitor want with the website and what is possible for the available budget for example. To help our clients determine these insights, for example, we present these questions to our customers during an intake interview; why do you need a (new) website? How does this website help you to achieve your business goals?

What did I get an aversion during my training at syndicator.myimplace on these 5 letters in this order, but now they do come in handy. Determining an objective of a website is one of the ways to set up this SMART, which makes the Target Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-bound. A SMART objective of a customer of us. “On 31 December 2016, I want to have 200,000 visitors, which resulted in 3,600 orders.” All 5 letters are processed in this one sentence and that is why this is a nice goal. Whether this is also acceptable and realistic depends of course on the customer, for Coolblue this is an objective that does not make sense, but for an average webshop this is not surprising. This objective is the starting point for you and your web builder, you will work from here. Based on this objective, the target group of your new website is also determined.

We always try to describe the target group or groups of a website as specifically as possible, the more specifically the target group has been pre-specified, the better your web agency can use it. Of course more people may come on your website (and perhaps buy) but in the base it is aimed at your target group.

Then just build …
With the objective and the target group clearly on the retina, the web builder can get started with building your website. Building your website is a phase in the complete development process of a website. In this phase the User Experience designers start with a wireframe of the website. The structure of the website is already clearly visible in these wireframes, but styling is not yet involved. This, first of all, not to derive from the structure of the website (which is very important) but also because adjusting a line drawing is much easier and faster than a fully styled drawing. When the wireframes are good, the designers can start to provide the drawn wireframes with a style that matches the target group. We usually start by drawing a concept homepage, here the style for the entire website is incorporated. When this is agreed, the rest of the wireframes can be provided with their style determined in the concept phase. After this drawing phase, we continue to build the website. The drawings are converted into HTML, CSS and PHP code and built into the desired CMS based on PHP (at Miller Digital you have the choice between our own CMS and WordPress). Nowadays, there is virtually no more online website that does not mobile- made, in addition to being the standard nowadays, Google now also calculates websites. After building and testing the website, it is time to prepare the website, here you as a customer have a large share.

Often customers of us find out about the phase we have now reached, the technology is ready but the texts and images of the website have to be defined and written or rewritten. Often you already have a website and already have texts on it, but do they fully comply with the most recent SEO requirements? Filling a website by you as a customer can be a time-consuming task, but it is a very important, better thing to do later with a well-filled website than quickly going with a poorly filled website. Damage once incurred is difficult to undo.

You are live, everything is ready now !?
Weeks, months or sometimes even years (yes, that sometimes happens …) work is resisted. Your website is going live! And now, of course, those visitors come naturally and you can hang back and wait for the order / phone calls … well no! Making and putting the website online is certainly not the last phase in developing a website. You obviously thought about your texts before the website went live, but they are not carved in stone, which is an advantage of online applications compared to offline applications. Make use of this advantage, read your texts time to time and adjust them. It can always be described better or more clearly. It is also smart to use your Google analytics data for rewriting your texts. On which page do people leave your website? Is this because they have found what they were looking for or is this because the text (or structure) on this page is not clear at all? If you see in statistics that many people enter your website on a specific page by using the word “phone” as a search term, you know that this page scores well. Is this a page where you want people to come up, improve this page so that more people find this page. Is this page subordinate to the rest of the website, then pick up the texts from other pages. What we often see is that customers choose a blog.

Become famous
How do you ensure that your website becomes known to your target group? Of course, there are various options such as Google adwords where you pay for advertisements that people see when they enter a specific search term in Google. We work a lot with various online marketing parties that have achieved proven results and that always support our customers with this work. What also works well is link building. With link building, we ensure that relevant websites link to your website. Previously you often saw that there were websites that had a link page, this was in itself good only what you often saw on these kinds of link pages was that they were exchanged. “I link to you if you link to me”. These links now have no value at all anymore. An outbound link to a website that also links back to you is typed by the search engines as value 0.

Different links also have different values, a link from a website with a high page authority have much more value than 5 links from websites with a low page authority like that of the local baker. Also for link building there are several parties that can support you well, because this is something that you, as a website owner, can hardly do yourself. nl) have a lot more value than 5 links from websites with a low page authority like those of the local baker. Also for link building there are several parties that can support you well, because this is something that you, as a website owner, can hardly do yourself. nl) have a lot more value than 5 links from websites with a low page authority like those of the local baker. Also for link building there are several parties that can support you well, because this is something that you, as a website owner, can hardly do yourself.

Social media channels can be used very well to draw people to your website and to let even more visitors go to your website. Determine in advance which social media channels you want to use, keep the target and target audience in mind. The possibilities are endless but you have to realize beforehand that perhaps using all social channels is not the best solution because all target groups have their own preference for social media.

When am I ready?
Let me be very brief about that; NEVER! Having a website must be seen as an ongoing process and not as a one-off project with a defined end date. Your website must always be worked, the competitors are not sitting still, so why would you do that? In addition, not only are competitors busy with planing on their website, but Google is also increasingly changing its requirements. When you are at a good web agency these will take you by the hand and in the background perhaps already a lot for you in order but self-awareness in this can never hurt.

Some tips from us;
Go in consultation with a good web agency at an early stage, they will be able and willing to help you build your website early in the process. When you individually do the preliminary work and then throw everything “over the fence” you will see that the result is less than you had hoped in advance.

Consider in advance that a website is not a one-off project but an ongoing project that will certainly cost you a few hours a week.

Consider a clear objective that is ideally formulated SMART.

Always keep adding new content to your website and do not forget to keep rewriting your texts. This is important not only for visitors but also for search engines such as Google.

People do not automatically come to your website (especially in the beginning). How do you draw people’s attention to the existence of your website? Consider this before you have the website build and reserve already budget for this.

Do not forget to have Google analytics built in, with this information you can substantiate many conclusions and adjust the website accordingly.
Hopefully I have given you new information with this extensive blog post that you can use.

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