What Are The Costs Of Building A Website?

By admin / September 20, 2018

A professional website

By having your website built by a professional, entrepreneurs are assured of quality: their website works well, it is updated with regard to the most recent developments on the market and the site is also easy to find search engines like Google. In addition, the websites that have been built since 2017 are provided with extra security. Of course there is a cost here, because it takes a while before a website is built. Nevertheless, it is important not to pay too much attention to the price, but to the benefits that are linked to a good website. What amounts can you think about when it comes to building a  professional website ? Making an estimate of this is harder than it seems. We will now discuss the reason for this.

Depending on amount

A website determines to a large extent how much revenue you get from your company. Whether your company is a success or not depends partly on the design of the website . The marketing campaigns that are being implemented, including the text that you use for this, also play a role. The better the above is taken care of, the better the targets can be achieved. Attracting or disposing of ten to hundreds of thousands of visitors is a logical consequence of this. If you do not get along well with a website, then you miss out offers, requests and orders. It is therefore important to keep enough money free for the ‘look and feel’ of your website, but also for the search engine optimization, the conversion optimization and the user-friendliness is important. The ‘wow factor’ is important for your website to function as a business card for your company or organization. In general, when building websites, the more it costs, the better the result. It also applies here that most money is obtained from well-thought-out designs.

No website builder is the same

If you apply for quotations for exactly the same service at five different companies, you will not hear the same amount from any agency. Each agency uses different prices, but why is this so? The hourly rate of the designer is different for each company. One designer has more knowledge and experience than the other. The price is also due to the complexity of the desired website. On average, a complete website, made by a professional agency, costs between € 1,500 and € 3,000.

What can you expect?

For an amount as mentioned above, you can of course expect a number of things. First, your website is built using a content management system that you can manage yourself anywhere and anytime. To familiarize you with this, several feedback moments are included in the process. The website is search engine friendly, distinctive in appearance and your website is, of course, first tested before it goes airborne. If you want to have a website created using a CMS (Content Management System), this is by far the best choice. This is especially cost-effective and convenient for the user. Remember when you compare costs : the first impression is what counts. So invest in good images too!

Multi-responsive website

The times that your visitors are just behind a computer or laptop is over. Mobile internet usage is growing steadily. Even so hard that 10% to 40% of your website’s visitors are mobile visitors. The design of your website for mobile devices is therefore more important than ever. Make sure your website is able to adapt to the device, to make your website look good. The following are required: the functionality, the more it costs. Search functions with filter are desirable, but the price. Whole large websites also cost more than very small websites. It can then safely rise to an amount of € 5,000 to € 20,000. Finally, do not forget to maintain the website, such as hosting, additional landing pages, E-Mail campaigns or reserving domain names.

Custom legislation regarding online security

The legislation on online security has been tightened since early 2017. The CBP (Dutch Data Protection Authority) advises website owners to take action and build an SLL certificate in the website. This certificate protects the website online against abuse, fraud and data leaks by internet criminals. By default dot solutions builds an SSL certificate in new websites, so that they meet the latest security requirements. Is your website built for 2017? It is then important to check whether your website has an SSL certificate. If this is not the case, we are happy to help you secure your website.

Want to know more about the costs of a website?

We can not give a precise answer to the question what a website building costs. It depends entirely on your own wishes and mainly depends on whether or not a standard template is used, and how many options and functionalities you want to have.

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