Website Builders ( Weebly,Wix,Jimdo) For Business

By admin / May 5, 2019

Nowadays owning a website is mandatory for the existence of your business. In fact, holding a siege is almost as natural as having a phone number. Companies, companies, schools and universities, individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals and all models of organizations have sites. This not only makes it easier to establish your presence online; these sites are also points of contact where customers get to know more about the people with whom they do business. In an online transaction, this individual contact is vital to success for any endeavor.

However, there is a lot of difference between having a site and having a website that sells or attracts attention. To give you a competitive advantage, your site must be beautifully designed to pact with these latest W3C standards like Wix. He should also show his products / services in the best possible way. In addition, 1 good website should always be search engine friendly. Creating and designing a website of this type is not an easy task.

What are the properties of business websites?

Business site builders are nothing but software programs that have been written to help subscribers build their sites in a way guided by the wizard. Now, using the help of builders for websites by business, entrepreneurs using little or no design skills can design sophisticated and technically sophisticated web designs that are beautiful and overly friendly to search engines. Website builders enable people using little or no HTML skills and coding experience to launch multiple sites in a very short time. Example of HTML site is Strikingly. You can refer more on strinkingly reviews.

Some of these best business site builders have these features:

Extensive library of predefined templates and Flash movies: These predefined templates make it easy for the people to design their own sites in browser-friendly code. All codes required in multiple languages ​​are entered by default and all that the user needs to do is add pictures and text to suit their purpose. Because these creators by business sites are assistant-driven, page customization is not ugly.

Multifunctional: Good builders of business sites should allow insertion of audio, video, images and other elements into your web page. While experienced designers can greatly improve site functionality by inserting them into code and making changes, even novices should be able to put the basic functionality on the site they create. The site 123 web builders covers all these above features for business sites.

Customization: Some of the ready-made templates you see will need some tweaking. Good website builders by business allow you to make basic design changes in the widest way you want. Thus customization features help you create unique, attractive, and functional business sites.

Regular Updates: Good business site builders should contain cutting edge technologies that are updated regularly. Only then can they help people build websites that are in accordance with newer standards. The site 123 web builders has advanced edge technologies, you can also view site 123 reviews to know more about the specifications. Many people by now make use of business website builders in order to get their presence online and working in a very short time. Considering the ease with which these tools can make it possible to use, it is not especially surprising that website builders are fast becoming the number 1 choice of businesses and services seeking employee websites. If you decide on the second option this post is for you. Here there are some web builders for the business.

1. Sitebuilder

  • The domain and the email account are free.
  • More than 1,200 templates to choose from.
  • Modern design and a simple and clean user interface.
  • The plans start at 6.04 € / month.
  • It includes Ecommerce and SEO tools.
  • The web site building costs is low compared to other

2. Wix

  • Wix has more than 300 templates with a professional and modern design.
  • It has many customization options.
  • The changes you make in the design you see them instantly thanks to its drag and drop function.
  • The registration and activation of the account is instantaneous.
  • The cheapest ad-free option is € 8.25 / month, which is reasonable.
  • Great upload speeds and very little downtime.

3. Squarespace

  • It has more than 40 modern templates of very high quality.
  • Protection of privacy and free domain.
  • You can create blogs, websites or e-commerce sites.
  • Good loading speed and uptime.
  • Perfect for sites that need to include heavier images like the portfolio of an artist or a photographer.
  • Support 24/7.

4. Weebly

  • Free email and domain.
  • Very intuitive
  • The account is activated instantly when you register.
  • Drag and drop design options.
  • Pro plans start at € 11 / month.

5. Jimdo

  • The price is not too high, $ 6.50 / month.
  • You need less than 30 minutes to launch your site with this web builder.
  • Good performance in terms of uptime and speed.
  • Having more specification with less website building costs


  • Offers a 14-day free trial.
  • Includes more than 100 responsive templates.
  • 1,400 different applications.
  • Support 24/7.
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