Website Builders Based On HTML5 ( Wix, Weeby, Strinkingly)

By admin / May 1, 2019

Currently, there are many website builders in the market, but not many are based on HTML5 technology . The advantage of using the basic language of World Wide Web (www) is that you will not have to use any Flash technology to create the effects of animation of your website. This is because no flash is used, which can be displayed well on any device, including iPads. Most website builders also come with HTML5 templates that have already been optimized to look good everywhere. Also know about the digital marketing course ahmedabad to get more information about digital marketing and web designing.

Here, we are going to discuss about Wix , one of the best  website on HTML5 and along with other sites also .The best thing about all of them is that they do not require programming skills for an average user to build a website. With this, anyone is able to create a website that can be displayed well on various devices, from laptops to mobile phones . The best of all is that they offer beautiful web templates made in basic language in its version 5, so that, even without programming or design knowledge, your website will look good and professional. 

1)  wix

Wix has been a powerful website building machine for a long time. They have continuously improved their technology to make it easier for the average user to develop beautiful websites without the need to know how to program. In the past, Wix was known to be a flash-based website builder. However, they have changed their technology to HTML5, which is great news for users. Something excellent is that they offer a free trial of their functionalities. This will allow you to test the operation of Wix technology before committing to your platform

2) Weebly

Weebly was born from a company called Y-Combinator. He started as a flash-based website builder, but in May he announced that HTML5 technology would be added to his platform. This makes it easier for anyone to create HTML5 webpage with Weebly without programming knowledge. With this service, up to 2 web pages can be created for free . If you want to create more sites, then you must subscribe to one of their premium plans.

3) IMCreator

IMCreator is one of the strongest website builders based on HTML5. Despite having entered the scene in 2011, it has moved quickly and has created a lot of useful features for its users . One of the advantages of being a newcomer is that it uses the latest technology, compared to older platforms. Imcreator is based entirely on HTML5 technology , which allows a very fast loading and drag-and-drop feature.

4) Strikingly

Strikingly is a new service that was also created by YCombinator . Unlike the others, it focuses on creating incredibly mobile websites using HTML5-based templates of the latest generation. You can follow strinkingly reviews for better understanding of this website.

Due to this approach, they specialize in making life easier for entrepreneurs, since they can quickly create a single page designed to provide a mobile presence to their company without the need for coding.

5)  Jimdo

In this website, you can  easily create website with lack of features and also website building costs is free for this site. Here you can build a professional website with lot of templates  and in free of cost. All of this plans includes attractive templates,  unique photo galleries, google maps, integration, HTML5 – a powered website, unlimited bandwidth , plenty of storage for the users, and most concern it can put everything together for better output.

Like Jimdo, one of the another website is site 123. You can also build user own website with this professional websites , after viewing the site123 reviews.

6) Breezi

Breezi is also a relatively new service that uses HTML5 technologies  to make building websites easier and without flash. It has a powerful HTML5 website builder that allows you to change almost anything without touching a line of code. It also has beautiful templates that you can use to make the process of making your website much faster. You have options to create your website, what you must have is the dedication to do it , over time you will see how profitable it is to have your own platform on the Internet.

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