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These days, if you are a small business owner, it is virtually essential that you have an online presence. And social media profiles alone may not be enough to help you grow your business. You will need a website. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you will have to code it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. With our list of the best website builders for small businesses, you will surely find the one that best suits your needs, budget and skill level.

For example, our favorite creator on this list is Wix because their subscription plans are affordable and offer hundreds of excellent design templates, in addition to unlimited pages. If Webs does not work for you, be sure to check our other options on this list, especially if your company has specific web design needs. From the top 10 best website builderswe have listed the 3 best Website builders that can guide you in your business. and also check this page Tech blogs write for us.

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What Is WIX?

Wix defines itself as a web development platform, based on the “in the cloud” system, which has millions of users around the world and allows you to easily and quickly create a professional online presence, without knowing how to program.

If your small business involves selling services instead of real physical items, then Wix could be the best website builders option for you. Wix itself is an easy-to-use general website creator in the Squarespace line, but it also offers a kind of application add-on that your website customers can use to reinforce their existing Wix websites by creating an Online booking system for your business.This application is called Wix Bookings. Wix Bookings allows people with Wix websites to do things like accept payments for online services, synchronize scheduled appointments with Google Calendar, manage customers, develop email marketing campaigns to advertise services and allow customers to book appointments for services on the web or through Wix Mobile application.

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It is worth noting that, although you can create a website for free with Wix, to take full advantage of the previous features of Wix Bookings (such as being able to accept payments online), you should upgrade to a commercial and e-commerce payment plan . It can cost between $ 23 per month and $ 500 per month, depending on the level of service and the features you require.

Wix is the most popular designer in the world, and that’s it. Most suitable for designing business card sites, portfolios and landings. It also performs well in the blogging field and in eCommerce – it can be used to create not very voluminous, but high-quality stores with all the goodies. The proprietary feature of Wix Code allows you to create databases and program the behavior of elements depending on the given conditions. It seems like composing scripts, but in a graphical interface, without coding. This constructor is suitable for both beginners and web development gurus.

There are a lot of patterns, among them it is full of beautiful, diverse. The coverage of topics is wide, it is possible to edit the design for various types of devices separately. There is also Wix ADI – an artificial intelligence-based tool that will assemble the site for you – design and general content based on the entered data. The page editor is functionally advanced, you can directly display masterpieces if necessary. Opportunities abound, especially considering applications. For almost any task: booking tickets, booking rooms, selling music, integrating with anything and everything else.

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WIX Editor

” Easy, fast and amazing”  This is one of the most repeated points in Wix and I can not agree more. It has taken me just a few minutes to register, select a template and make a few modifications. If you get stuck the FAQ section will help you. There are very short introductory videos that will give you the necessary explanations to use the different functions.

WIX Templates

So is! They have a large repertoire of beautiful web templates, very colorful and organized according to the field or profession. Another point in favor!

HTML5 Technology

Turning to the technical part it is noteworthy that it works with HTML5 technology. This, along with other features, allows you to easily adapt your site to all types of devices.


Wix has worked hard on SEO aspects and all thanks to the incorporation of the SEO Wizard app and Ajax Crawling.

SEO Wizard is a fabulous free App, which performs a small SEO Onpage audit of your entire website and specific pages. Thanks to SEO Wizard you will know if you are optimizing your website correctly. It is convenient to use this App, every time we publish a new entry.

SEO Wizard will tell you at all times where you need to add titles, meta descriptions, H1, H2 headers, etc …

I also have to mention in your favor that Wix uses Ajax Crawling to help search engines to read the code of web pages and improve the indexing of the website on Google.

In fact, as much as you read complaints in other blogs about the Wix seo, I must tell you that there are already many pages made with Wix well indexed and positioned.

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  • A flexible and convenient editor that allows you to collect very beautiful, structurally complex pages;
  • A huge number of useful applications, most of which are free;
  • A wide selection of diverse thematic templates, many options for customizing them;
  • Branded lotions – Wix ADI, Code, Arena, developed ecosystem of developers;
  • You can add your code to the site – HTML or JavaScript;
  • A bunch of tools for organizing customer communication and marketing;
  • The ability to sell digital goods – photos, music and other types of files;
  • It is well suited for creating tourist, hotel and restaurant sites – there are separate applications for translating specific functionality.
  • Large selection of bright and beautiful layouts.
  • The sites are quality in terms of design and usability.
  • Billet structures to create a page from scratch.
  • Mobile and desktop versions are edited separately.
  • Good customization -you can load your own fonts, change the color, size, outlines and other parameters of buttons, forms, galleries, menu items and boxes.
  • Convenient intuitive interface.
  • There are many additional widgets and applications that can be connected to the site form designers, chats, social media buttons, analytics services, payment systems, and much more.
  • Ample opportunities for creating stylish slide shows, photo and video galleries.
  • Built-in photo bank with thousands of pictures.
  • Vector collection of more than 3,000 icons, logos and illustrations.
  • Built-in designer of calculators and forms.
  • The ability to add a feed from Instagram to the site and broadcast video from Facebook.
  • Built-in CRM for tracking orders, managing contacts, registered users and subscribers.
  • Ability to create closed pages with access settings.
  • There are lots of Website Design Company In India

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Here Are the Other 2 Best Website Builders Leading Next To WIX Website Builders.


Squarespace is a well-known creator of websites. But Squarespace also offers dedicated templates and features that can help you build a thriving e-commerce website, one that can help you sell your products online. Squarespace offers a variety of beautiful and modern design templates for online stores. Your website may also have features such as the ability to sell unlimited products, subscriptions and digital content, or receive donations. Squarespace online stores can also offer things like tax tools, discount codes, gift cards, secure payment and recovery of abandoned carts. You can also manage your online store using a mobile device, as well as through the Squarespace Commerce application.

It is worth mentioning that the type of features your online store offers depends on the type of paid service plan you have with Squarespace. The more expensive your plan, the more of these features you will get. And Squarespace is not exactly cheap: although you can choose to pay your subscription annually to receive a lower monthly rate in general, those rates are still expensive. Annual subscribers can expect to pay between $ 12 per month and $ 40 per month. There is a free trial version so you can see if the paid plans would be worth it, and you don’t have to offer a credit card to get the free trial version.

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Jimdo is a great option for small business owners who want to quickly create a website for their business and , but who also need a permanent free service option. There are two sets of service plans: Jimdo Dolphin and Jimdo Creator. Dolphin plans allow Jimdo users to create websites without worrying about coding. Creator’s plans offer website editors for those who are “coding experts.”

Both sets of plans have a free option. If you opt for the free Dolphin option, you will get 500 MB of storage, 2 GB of bandwidth, five web pages and other features such as HTTPS security. If you get the free Creator option, you will get the same storage and bandwidth as the Dolphin plan, in addition to the ability to sell up to five products in your online store. Dolphin paid plans are quite affordable and vary from $ 9 to $ 39 per month. Creator plans are $ 10 to $ 40 per month. All plans are billed annually. There are a number of best website builders for small businesses, so that you can afford one.

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