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The Best Way to get HIRED!

Maybe your dream career is to become Skilled Product Manager ​in top companies like Google, Amazon — or perhaps it’s to rise to the C-Suite level of a Fortune 500 company or work as a Business Development Manager​for a startup.

Whatever your ambitions in life, someone else’s goal is to help make them turn into reality. A number of startups are working on initiatives to help job seekers land into their dream careers and master the art of work/life balance. Here, we’ve prepared a list of a few Website Design Company that helpful businesses and resources below for all the job seekers:

Create a visually stunning resume with CV Owl

“One only has a single chance to leave a first impression on the recruiter while hunting job, which means your resume needs to be top notch,” says experts from CV Owl, an Online CV Maker and Online Resume Builder. The resume is still very much a critical part of the hiring process though the hiring managers hardly spend more than 6 seconds reading a resume.

In today’s digital evolutionazing era, 90% of large companies are using applicant tracking systems (ATS), which require a resume to apply. It is a recruiter’s first point of reference, and an ill-mannered designed resume will hurt your chances of getting shortlisted strongly.

The vision of CV Owl​ is to streamline the process of creating a resume in such a manner

which fits in for whatever type of job you’re applying for, from both a business and

development perspective. Depending upon the experience level, users can change the

visual layout of their resumes with just the click of a button, and the platform

automatically formats information to adjust to each template.

In addition, CV Owl provides Skill suggestions and all the hobbies requests are catered timely. Also, a unique feature named as Dynamic Resume Website ​is provided to all the users availing our Resume Writing Services.

The best part of CV Owl​ is that you don’t have to constantly tweak your resume and save it in a million different formats — as the platform supports an auto-save feature as well with no hassle at all and then have a Free CV Review​ by the experts for no cost at all.

In this tough economic environment, more job seekers are looking for ways to set themselves apart, and some have decided the bedrock of the job search — the traditional formatted resume — needs to go the way of the Flintstones.

Multimedia resumes that include photographs, samples of your work, and videos are gaining favor. In addition, people in the job hunt are using their own Websites, blogs and social networking profiles such as LinkedIn, as a supplement to the traditional resume.

More job applicants going digital

While there are no statistics on the growing use of such unconventional resume alternatives, recruiters and human resources experts across the country say they’re definitely seeing more applicants that are going digital with their resumes.

“It’s a continuous increasingly competitive job market and job seekers are trying to distinguish themselves from the others by using different platforms and media.

“Younger job seekers are embracing technology. In a tight labor market, people are doing everything they can so that their resumes don’t end up lost among endless piles of paper.

Indeed, who needs a resume when you have a LinkedIn account, right? Social networking sites provide a great way to put all your information online in a nice organized format.

But noooo. When asked from a number of HR experts and hiring managers about multimedia alternatives, their first reaction was, “We still want the paper resume.”

This has been the main argument in HR circles for some time now. The thinking is that these visual media open an employer up to litigation because suddenly you can see the person’s race, or maybe find out about their religious affiliation based on a video or social media profile.

We asked a few HR experts about the legal ramifications, and most said, given the ever-changing technological landscape, hiring managers can look up so much of this information via a Google search today that the argument is moot.

That said, nothing will keep a prospective employer from making a quick judgment call when they see your photo, a video of you, or your personal background on Facebook.

Nothing to lose

For many job seekers, creating a video of themselves or pulling together hip-looking multimedia resumes may not be up their alley. So you risk doing more harm than good if you send off a dopey video of yourself or you don’t look ready to take on the job.

If you’ve sent out hundreds of resumes to no avail, what do you have to lose. Other options, such as the CV Owl, are free to job seekers. Most social media sites also offer free services where you can post your accomplishments and include a host of links.

CV Owl: If you’re looking for a well-designed, feature-rich site, CV Owl is the place to go.

As soon as you sign up for CV Owl, you’ll have the option of linking your account to your LinkedIn profile. Upon doing so, all your past work history, personal information, and any other relevant data is added to your CV Owl profile.

Unlike so many other services, CV Owl goes one step further than simply helping you create a standard text resume.You can also upload your picture to add some flavor. Granted, these won’t translate to hard copies, but most people email resumes anyway, so if you want to change things up and provide potential employers with more than just a text document with personal information on it, CV Owl is the place to do it.

CV Owl is my favorite service in this roundup. If you’re looking for an Online Resume Builder, this has to be the first choice for all the job seekers. ​allows anyone to create a free media-rich online resume, which means lots of bells and whistles and much more information than you could ever fit on a single piece of paper: employment history, education, awards, letters of recommendation, writing samples, articles, artwork — whatever is applicable to your background.

Another bonus: Having a CV Owl shows prospective employers that you’re up on the latest technology. Once you create your own, you have a link to share with every contact during your job search. It’s also great for building freelance and consulting work. Other sites that provide a similar service that isn’t nearly as robust.

One caveat: Even though I posted my photo, I don’t recommend that for a job seeker because it can lead (and, sadly, does) to discrimination — even subconsciously — before you even get your foot in the door. CV Owl ​makes it optional, so leave it out.

“Our tagline is ‘Placing Right People in the Right Jobs,’ which is exactly what we want to help people do on a daily basis.”

Are you working at your dream job? If not, reach out to us and we’ll help you land in the same.

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