Strikingly Website Review – The Pros

By admin / May 17, 2019

Established in 2012, Strikingly is fairly a new website builder which is created for personal use and small business setups. If you want something simple to start with, you’ll be very attracted to their features. But how good is it in terms of building your online presence? My Strikingly reviews will show you what to expect.

How Does It Work?

Like most website builders, Strikingly is a click-and-command type of software. Its most unique feature is that it creates a long webpage that is divided into different segments such as homepage, gallery and sign-up form. You know, those fancy looking ones that roll different images as you scroll down the screen? Yes, something like a landing page, if you will. That’s what this software will do for you.

Although the design is still new, its popularity is surely picking up, especially for people who wants to engage in more visual elements for their websites can view strikingly reviewto know about its features.

How Much Does It Cost?

With a free account, you get a subdomain, 5GB bandwidth and one product listing for your online store.

With the limited account ($7 to $12/month), you can connect to two custom domains, get 50GB bandwidth and 5 product listings for each online store.

In the third plan ($14 to $20/month), you can order up to three custom domains, get unlimited bandwidth and product listings as well as remove the Strikingly branding on your sites. You can also find same plan on site 123.

Each paid plans come with 14 days trial, but providing your credit card information will be required. Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty and see what you may like (and not like) about this software.

The Pros

1) The themes which are used by them is very neat, professional looking and don’t resemble one another, which give each of them a unique design. And, they are mobile responsive too.

2) I like that they have included some basic SEO settings (site description, site title, ALT text, etc.) to help websites become more visible to the search engines.

3) I also like that they provide an easy way to upload a favicon without having to go through FTP access. This does not necessarily improve your SEO, but it’s helpful for the user experience.

4) Besides using Google Console, you can also use their in-house analytics to view your traffic stats.

5) When it comes to visual engagement, they provide some really nice stock images from Unsplash which is well known for their beautiful pictures.

Pros of Strikingly


Strikingly offers many templates that are designed for individuals such as artists and photographers to showcase their work. They provide ways for you to easily display your best audio, video, and photos. The image quality is high, ensuring your masterpieces wont get lost on screen, however, free plan users beware of the bandwidth as it can be an issue. Artists who are genuinely interested in showing off their work such as large images or videos may want to purchase a pro subscription.

Create a Store

A unique feature that Strikingly does offer is to set up an online store. Of course, options are limited here as you have a set number of items you may list in your store depending on which plan you have. Free users may list one item, limited users may list five items, and pro users get to list 300 items for sale on their site. Strikingly does let you connect to PayPal however and start selling immediately.

Run a Blog

Another feature strikingly offers is custom blogging template that makes it easy for users to add blogs to their existing strikingly site or to create a standalone blog to run with website building costs of low. They provide text blocks for you to write whatever you need and give the option to add videos and images as well.

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