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By admin / May 21, 2019

Introduced in 2012, Strikingly is a website builder that gives users the power to create a professional-looking website with little-to-no experience in web development. For this reason, and many more that you’ll discover in the rest of our review — Strikingly is a go-to for independent practitioners, freelancers, and small business owners.

Strikingly reviews reveals specializes in one-page websites, but you can add additional pages to your site, up to twenty in fact. There are however many advantages to having a one-page website, namely being easily digestible. You also have all of your most important information on a single page, which will likely work to your advantage, as the homepage is weighed heaviest by SEO giants like Google.


Strikingly’s templates are designed for one-page websites — and with only 25 templates to choose from, Strikingly’s library of designs is certainly on the smaller side compared to competitors Wix and Weebly. For what it lacks in variety and range of design, Strikingly’s templates more than make-up for in modern design, functionality, and ease-of-use. It’s template library is splited into six categories, making it easier to find a design for your website:

  • Business
  • Startup
  • Personal
  • Portfolio
  • Store
  • Blog

You will find the largest selection of templates in the business category, although the list of options does feel limited and owners of niche businesses may struggle to find the right template for their vertical. Having said this, all templates – the layout, design, and colors – are fully customizable and can even be switched during the editing process without losing valuable content already on your site. And while there is no blank canvas template, pro account holders may access and edit their website’s header and footer code to make further customizations.

Strikingly also allows you to connect your LinkedIn account to Strikingly’s platform and the editor will use your LinkedIn details to create a personalized and professional-looking site. The platform then lets you design and customize the site and connect your own domain name (if you should choose to upgrade to a Pro account). Although the majority of Strikingly’s templates are designed for one-page websites, it is possible to add a blog, eCommerce functionalities (free of charge) and additional pages to your site (available with a Pro account).

The Editor

Once you’ve selected a template, you are taken to Strikingly’s editor. After that, you can able to access and edit the layout, background, add titles, buttons and more. Within the editor, you can also add links to valuable resources, products, ads as well as additional pages. Once you choose a template you can “take a tour.” This is not only helpful but offers an in-depth explanation of the toolbar and insightful hacks on editing your site. The sidebar editor has three main sections – “Styles” “Settings” and “Sections.


In the Styles section, you can change the color scheme of your navigation menu and site background and are given several options for colors, title fonts, heading fonts and text fonts depending on the template you use. You can also found same styles in site123.


The majority valuable features and elements of our website can be edited from the Settings section, including:

Basic Info: Access to editing “Basic Info” like your site’s name, category, be it startup, personal or business. Through customized language integrations, you can change the site language, which will affect some system text visitors see on your blog, store and social feed. This feature does not change the language of your site.

Domains: From the “Domains” section, you can register a new or connect an already-existing domain. If you do not have a Pro account, you can upgrade and claim your non-branded domain name for $24.95/month.

Sharing Info: Next up, is “Sharing Info” which lets you add a Favicon (the icon that represents your company in the browser’s tab). There, you can enable a feature called “Twitter Card” which displays text whenever your site receives alerts on Twitter. Additionally, you’re given the option to upload a social share image, the image used when your site is shared to social media sites.

Mobile Actions: Under the tab labeled “Mobile Actions,” you can further optimize your site for mobile usage by enabling the following features: calling, texting, finding directions and emailing.

Header & Footer: In accessing the Header and Footer of your site’s mobile and desktop versions you can choose which features to hide, and which to show at any given time.

Analytics: Through the “Analytics” tab you can gain insight into your website’s unique visitors such as: How they got to your site and where they came from, along with other insights.

Multiple Pages: Under this section, you can add up to 20 pages. Each and every link and URL is automatically created, and you can add a drop-down menu to organize the pages and links.

Legal: This tab lets you show or hide terms and conditions in the footer of your Simple Store checkout section.

Collaboration: You can invite friends and colleagues to assist in editing and building your site, giving them access to certain or all pages.

Custom Code: You can further customize your site’s header and footer through this Pro feature, adding countless third-party integrations.

Privacy: This valuable feature enables you to hide personal info from search engines (available for Pro users). You can find more privacy settings using strinkingly reviews.

SEO: “SEO Checklist” walks you through all of the key elements of good on-site SEO. Essentially, the list ensures you have the best chance of being picked up by search engines. Below are the requirements:

Set a title, a custom domain, meta descriptions, add categories, a social sharing image, a Favicon, verify your site with Google, use keyword heading text and add alt tags to images — this will help to greatly improve the SEO of your site.

Services: The final, and perhaps one of its finest features is its integration with Google Analytics. From the “Services” tab under “Settings,” you can easily add your Google Tracking number and begin receiving valuable info on your website’s visitors. You can also view info on verifying and submitting your sitemap to Google, and access Google Seach Console.

If you wish to upgrade to Pro, you’ll gain access to yet another key feature, Facebook Pixel Install. This lets the users to better target key stakeholders in hopes of increased conversion.

Add New Sections

Once you exit “Settings” from within the editor you can click “Add New Section.” There, you can add new, manipulate existing sections of your website and change the order of your site (available through Pro). Strikingly sites are a mobile-friendly sites, and each of its templates is easily manipulated for mobile. They can choose from the following sections: navigation menu, navigation menu on mobile, navigation buttons and the footer at the bottom of the page. The company recently introduced its mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android-enabled devices. The app lets you manage your website on the go, and to create new sites for quick publishing. The feature is found in site 123, you can install by viewing site123 reviews. Once you get started on editing the website, everything is quite intuitive.Directly from the app, you can access the following:

Mobile Editor: Within the “Mobile Editor,” you can add new sections, manage pages, sections, content, upload images and more. This comes with iPad Editor, which is more functional and ideal for managing a website when given the option over a mobile device. Simple Store Order Manager: This alerts you when new orders come in. You can also complete or refund orders that use Paypal or Stripe as a method of payment.

Form Response: Here, you can respond to customers who leave messages.

Strikingly Apps

Users can choose from the below apps to enhance their site and can access them through the “Add New Section” in the editor. All apps and are free (minus MailChimp, HTML and ECWID):

  • HTML (Pro feature)
  • ECWID (Pro feature)
  • MailChimp (Pro feature)
  • Baidu Maps
  • SoundCloud
  • EventBrite
  • SlideShare
  • Typeform
  • Google Calendar
  • Pinterest
  • Medium
  • Google Form
  • Disqus
  • FaceBook Comments
  • WuFoo
  • Google Maps
  • PayPal

Strikingly has 18 apps, split into five sections for easy sorting: eCommerce, Business, Media, Documents and Social. Among the 18, there are a few standout features we’d like to highlight:

  • PayPal: A free feature, PayPal lets users add a payment button to their site to receive payments.
  • MailChimp: A part of the Pro package, users can embed an email signup form on their site, and use MailChimp to create, send and track beautifully-designed email newsletters.
  • ECWID: This feature is a full eCommerce setup designed to manage products as well as receive payments.
  • HTML: Here you can add any third-party code you wish, or create your own.


Any domain registered through Strikingly includes domain privacy as well, a great asset for protecting sensitive personal information typically attached to your account. This includes things like emails, telephone numbers, etc.

Future Considerations

There are a few important things to consider for the future — the first, a one-page website is not a viable option for more than a few years. If your site grows, you will want to create more pages which can help improve SEO. This feature is available through Strikingly Pro. Additionally, since you cannot add code to the platform (other than the paid version), it is difficult to fully optimize your site. The platform does innately yield itself to small business owners who are looking for an inexpensive (or free) and easily-navigable website that can be done within a matter of minutes.


  • Strikingly’s mobile app allows users to manage all aspects of their website, and do so on the go
  • From its free to its most expensive plan, Strikingly offers 24/7 customer support
  • Its ease-of-use is unmatched
  • In terms of imagery, Strikingly has a vast amount of stock images to choose from, which are offered through Unsplash for free
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