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Strikingly Reviews

We have many website builders with which you can create best websites. There are squarespace, WordPress, Wix which are very popular but there are few website builders that provide the same quality just like the popular website builders and one among them is the strikingly. The features that is present in Strikingly makes website builder a best option for the beginners to make excellent designs in the website. There are lot of mind blowing templates with which you can choose the best template that suits your website and business.

There are lot to speak about strikingly and there is a detailed review about strikingly below. To find out whether strikingly suits you the best, come and check the following features:


Just like the successors strikingly also have the best option to include pages, images, videos, products and the editing options are very simple. It's just a simple process like you have to point, click and then activate it. If you already have used tools like Piktochart to create infographics then using this website builder is going to be very simple. If you are a newbie don't worry you can very well practise it in the dashboard using the free trial version.


There are actually 11 different themes that Strikingly provides. If strikingly is compared with other website builders the count is very low, the average number of themes provided by other website builders is between 50 to 100. So here they lack too much and they are inflexible to edit the customizations too.

Loading Speed

The loading speed of strikingly was measured using GTmetrix ansd the shortest loading speed was 2.8 seconds and the longest was 18.5 seconds, this explains that the strikingly does not have shortest loading speed and a longest loading speed it stands in the midst.

Mobile Friendly

A theme is very important to be mobile friendly and I tested in various platforms like the smart phones, tablets and all the themes in strikingly was mobile friendly.


There are options to customize the URL's, meta tags, descriptions and to also optimize the images. If you are not clear abou the SEO part there are also clear guides explaining about how to do it in Strikingly.


The integration option is low when compared to the other website builders. Few of them are free to use and others has payable option. You have options to integrate live chats, analytics, SEO tools, Maps, forms, etc.


There are some good features if you go with the Pro plan of the website builders. I'm going to explain some of the features that looks good.

  • There is a mobile app with which you can handle your store using mobile.
  • There is an option to restore a deleted block but not the entire page.
  • With the pro plan you can create a small E-Commerce store with around 300 products, they do not charge for payments and already has integrated paypal and stripe to receive payments. They suit the best for this kind of E-Commerce stores.
  • If you have a blog you can send newletters but you will not get the options to schedule the blog posts.
  • You get the options to create multiple website with just a single account.


The options that are available in Strikingly is limited and cannot be customized. This website builder suits the best to build a single page website. But I do not recommend this website for the public as everyone is interested to customize their website as per their wish. It's just a review from one of the expert web developer, if you are not satisfied you can give your's below.

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