Strikingly: Full test and reviews

By admin / May 9, 2019

If the creation of a website is usually the responsibility of a professional developer, individuals and beginners can now do it without much effort. Strikingly proves to be the ideal solution for setting up an efficient and quality site. Let’s take a closer look at what it Strikingly really is.

Strikingly Overview

Strikingly is a software designed to facilitate the creation of a website be it a blog, a showcase site, a landing page or an online store. It was launched in 2012 and is seen today as an essential tool.

Who is Strikingly for?

This software is for anyone who wants to easily develop their own site by strikingly reviews. It can be a small business, an online store or a freelancer. The biggest advantage to using this tool is that it offers a wide choice to users to impose the image they wish to show to their visitors.

Especially the site that offers Strikingly, 3 possibilities are available to you. In particular, there are the “Company / Project” sites. These are interesting if your goal is to create a business site. This software also supports the creation of personal sites and portfolio.

How does Strikingly stand out?

What characterizes the most Strikingly compared to other software for website creation is undoubtedly his proposal to launch a site123 reviews in “One-Page” format. This is an effective and well thought out way to create a single attractive page, and thus a single URL. This in order to optimize the management of the site without having a particular knowledge of programming. This page will represent all the information that the user wants to share. It also allows customers to navigate easily.

Aside from creating a one page site, this feature will allow you to create portfolios. You will also be able to design landings pages, ideal for presenting new products or events of all kinds. In addition, strikingly review offers you the possibility to use certain functionalities via a mobile terminal. This access has also been designed to help you monitor the responsiveness on your site.

The care of

As mentioned above, this software is for anyone who wants to develop a site 123, especially beginners. In this sense, the designer has made a tool quite ergonomic. All layout made with Strikingly will be drag-and-drop. If needed a help desk is available 24/7 to help you use it.

The main features

To ensure that it was designed, Strikingly integrates various features including the following:

Templates and design

Strikingly includes a page devoted specifically to templates. Different themes are proposed to you to create a unique site. They are elegant, realistic and particularly refined. Regarding the design, Strikingly integrates high-end models, which will only make your site more attractive. Only downside, the available themes are not numerous enough for you to choose freely. Nevertheless, the few fortnight that are available to you can be modified according to your requirements.

The page editor

Once you have chosen the theme that suits you, Strikingly offers you the editing work. A simple and easy-to-use menu will be presented to you to perform all the actions you want to bring to your page. You will be able to add as many sections to make your page as exceptional as possible. It is important to mention that web site building costs this software only offers one page, as mentioned above. You will not be able to add or delete pages.

E-commerce features

In theory, Strikingly has not been programmed to create e-commerce sites. Nevertheless, it helps to make sales. The only requirement that the software imposes is to propose a relatively small catalog. The number of products that you will be able to present on your site will depend on the formula which you will have chosen. If it is the free version, your right is limited to 1 article. For the LIMIT offer, it is 5 and for the PRO it goes up to 20.

The app store

To perfect website building costs its software, the creator has a shop where you will find all kinds of essential applications to increase your audience. These are categorized to help you choose the one that best suits your needs. We note in particular the one for the sale on line and for the social one. Note that some of these applications are not available in the limited and free form.

Strikingly’s rates

Strikingly offers three basic packages:

  • Free for a site in sub domain
  • Pro at $ 12 / month (or $ 8 / month billed annually)
  • Pro at $ 20 / month (or $ 16 / month billed annually)
  • There is also a VIP package at $ 49 / month
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