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Ucraft Offers Well-Thought Out Features That Will Build You A Powerful Website But At An Extra Cost

Ucraft is a bit of an unconventional strikingly reviews in that pages are built by vertically placing content blocks one on top of the other. Each block represents a page and constitutes individual elements that are completely customizable, a quality that most block-based site builders lack.

There is a good number of modern templates to choose from, all of which are mobile-friendly. If you are looking to build a quick website using one of these templates, Ucraft is probably not for you. To get the most out of this builder, you would have to build your own blocks instead of relying on the limited pre-designed blocks that come with the template.

Ucraft offers some pretty solid features, including an integrated eCommerce function and a rather robust app store, both of which add a whole lot of functionality to your website.

While there are some kinks to deal with here and there, the site editor is generally easy to use and one does not require any advanced knowledge to navigate the user interface.

Overall, Ucraft has a strong offering and is ideal for one-page websites, landing pages, and personal websites.

Build a Professional-Looking Website with a Personal Touch

Small business-friendly themes: Honestly, there is nothing outstanding about the templates here. The pre-designed themes do not come with nearly enough section blocks. Therefore, to avoid a cookie-cutter kind of website, you literally have to delete most, if not all, of the blocks on the template you choose and then build your own blocks from scratch. Luckily, the site123 reviews makes it easy to build blocks, and the available templates cater to a wide array of business website types.

Responsive: All templates are automatically optimized for mobile and will look great on any device.

Customization: The good thing about Ucraft templates is that you can swap them anytime during the website-building process without losing content, but you will have to change the colors, fonts, and headings every time you interchange templates.

There are some good customization opportunities here, but you can only customize templates if you pay for the Design Tools, which is a real let-down. However, with the set of Design Tools, you can make all sorts of changes to your themes—including changing page width, navigation styles, and the distance between elements. You can also install custom fonts and configure button styles among other changes.

The $2.99/month you pay for the Design Tools is not that much compared to the customization options it unlocks, so perhaps it is worthwhile in terms of value for money.

Powerful Features With Which To Launch Your Online Business.

Ucraft comes with built-in blog functionality. The blog editor is sharp and lets you undertake a wide range of tasks including saving posts to be published in future, saving drafts, categorizing or tagging posts, and adding a comments sections by integrating with Disqus. In addition to adding social media buttons, a really cool thing that strikingly review lets you do is to include an accompanying social media image that will be shown when the article is shared on Twitter or Facebook.

eCommerce: Ucraft does not have its own eCommerce functionality but instead uses the third-party shopping cart, Ecwid. Luckily, integration with Ecwid is seamless and the app lets you build a fully-functional eCommerce platform from where you can sell both digital and physical products, integrate shipping methods, and set SKU’s, weight, shipping, and taxes. Although Ecwid does get the job done, it has slight inherent integration problems—some of which can complicate the check-out process.

App store: Few site builders offer a robust app store, but Ucraft does. Along the dashboard is a collection of multipurpose widgets to help you create a highly-functional landing page or business website. From Google Analytics, MailChimp, YouTube, PayPal, SoundCloud, Eventbrite, and others, you have available an excellent variety of powerful integrations that offer great value.

Just Drag and Drop To Build Your Dream Website!

At first glance, Ucraft’s interface is generally well-organized, and most of the strikingly wordpress theme you need to start building your website are readily accessible.

From the site editor, you can easily identity the preview button that lets you see how your site will appear on different devices.

From the Pages menu, you can quickly add and manage websites, and access the design tools needed to customize elements on your pages.

The blocks icon on the site editor lets you stack blocks one on top of the other simply by dragging and dropping the desired content blocks so you can quickly build your site up. Adding apps is similarly seamless—just drag and drop the integrations anywhere on the website.

Inbuilt Flexibility and Precision.

When using the site editor, it becomes evident that the developers behind Ucraft went the extra mile to build a powerful user interface that still caters to the needs of the beginner with no coding knowledge.

The builder is markedly user-friendly and aims to help you build your content blocks as accurately as possible without a learning curve.

One problem I encountered though in terms of ease of use is the lack of undo/redo buttons, which makes it impossible to go back to previous versions of your site 123 without losing all your content.

Friendly Help is Just a Click Away!

It is a good thing to see that Ucraft has live chat available 24/7, which is not so common among website builders, these days. From personal experience, you do get real-time assistance via chat.

Ucraft uses Intercom which facilitates a powerful CRM system that allows users to quickly receive assistance from the support agents.

You can also email the support team and they will typically get back to you in a few hours. Like most site builders, Ucraft does not offer phone support.

To learn more about different aspects of the site builder, you can peruse the knowledge base or use the search box to find answers to your issues. Unfortunately, the knowledge base is not comprehensive and may not offer much help to beginners.

Awesome Features at an Extra Cost.

Ucraft’s pricing plans are based on the type of website you want to build, whether that is a landing page, a personal website, or an eCommerce site.

The landing page plan is free and allows you to set up a single page, customize your content, connect a custom domain, and invite your team members to contribute to the process of building the landing page. There is also access to an SEO app, hosting, and customer support, but there is no escaping Ucraft branding, which will be shown as a watermark on your landing page.

With the personal website plan, you can build one multilingual website with unlimited pages, access the intuitive drag and drop builder, edit your content, add a custom domain, publish unlimited articles, invite team members, and access the SEO app. Other neat features under this plan include free hosting, an array of integrations, 24/7 support, and no Ucraft branding.

The eCommerce plan is ideal if you want to set up a digital storefront. You have the standard eCommerce plan, the pro plan, and the unlimited plan. The standard plan lets you sell up to 50 products, accept over 70 payment methods, support multiple currencies, and optimize your products with SEO tools and companies.  You can also build a powerful website using SEMrush. You will not incur transaction fees and you will be able to easily manage payments and orders, track inventory in real time, and enjoy unlimited storage.

The Pro eCommerce plan gets you everything offered on the standard plan, plus the capacity to sell up to 1000 products. As the name suggests, the Unlimited eCommerce plan does not restrict the number of products you can sell on your web store.

At an additional fee, you can access the Designer Tools, which let you change the style and design of your site. It is a bit strange that you have to pay an extra fee to be able to make customizations to your website.


The people behind Ucraft have obviously put in a lot effort to offer a solid website builder for setting up a digital storefront or a personal web site building costs.  While the templates are limited, anyone with basic computer skills will be able to build professional pages. It is quite unfortunate that you need to pay an extra fee each month to be able to customize your website, which other site builders offer for free. Even then, Ucraft offers some really neat integrations that will go a long way in helping you build an attractive and functional website.

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