Is Wix better than Magento for e-commerce website development?

By admin / January 16, 2019

When you are selecting an e-commerce platforms a few important points for your team to take into consideration are testing environment, customer care and ease of use of API. It also helps if there is an attractive developer community at hand, as well. In this way you can discover new developments, learn about common problems that you can have on that platform and easily fix. A good sandbox environment would be very important to your team because you can not always try new alternatives for your website when you are alive.

The results can be quite ugly. A good sandbox environment would allow you to try new development on your website without interrupting the current website experience. Customer support is another important issue to consider. If you encounter a problem on your website it is very useful to have a customer support at your fingertips. It will reduce the time and energy you spend in finding out what the problem is or fixing it. As we have said before, if you have a connection to a community of developers you can find answers to their questions and learn from them. In the end we are all in the same boat. This will save you some mistakes. Agree with thispiece , Shopify is a great e-commerce platform for these reasons.

You should also consider your business needs and objectives. To clarify everything that would be fine you could gather your team and a list. Are you looking for sophisticated merchandising, complex catalog systems, one step check out? Also thinking about the customer experience will help you with your list of. Do you want or need live chat, effective on-site search, and descriptions of video products? Some e-commerce platforms offer Omni-channel features so you can achieve these and they can save you from spending too much.

If you already have a website and thinking about changing your platform you should also look at the technological requirements. How will it fit into a new structure of your website? Your team may require certain platforms like PHP platforms, as well. You should also consider your needs and ideas. You need e-mail marketing or affiliate marketing to integrate and look for an e-commerce platform that is compatible. If you already use a CRM system you can also factor this list.

SEO is an important way for you to find through online searches, as we mentioned earlier in here . For example, Magento, another e-commerce platform, provides SEO friendly features such as dynamic pages to be indexable, structure of the product catalog, structure of the URL and the etc. In order to ensure your control over SEO you can review the following characteristics; control over XML sitemaps, page-level metadata, content or canonical URLs generated by the user through its website.

Mobile capabilities are another important aspect. You could have an app or not but just looking at the trade growth rates ensures you want one someday. Your e-commerce platform needs to have mobile capabilities to ensure a good customer experience. Another thing regarding the mobile application is whether your e-commerce platform has a mobile application platform. Shopify has one and is considered a good option for that. Your chances of getting noticed increases that. As we mentioned earlier in here, e-commerce security is very important since the transactions most likely will be carried out online. You will want to secure your customer information. You must check for SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to be present as a start. You can also have analytics reports to understand your car abandonment problems.

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