Is Shopify SEO any different to normal e-commerce SEO?

By admin / January 16, 2019

SEO for E-Commerce course can serve you as a comprehensive guide, if you are beginning a brand new E-Commerce web site or optimizing your established on-line store for a lot of sales. If you are not obtaining any traffic from Google then it means that you are effort sales on the table.

You will find out how to optimize your ecommerce web site victimization numerous seo methods like

  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Page Speed
  • Conversion / Sales improvement and far a lot of

The websites that square measure ranking in prime three Google search results gets forty eight.4% CTR cumulatively. conjointly solely three-d of search users transcend page one on Google search. thus it’s inevitable for AN ECommerce web site to try to to seo and rank at intervals prime three search results on page one.

Usually, new ECommerce sites assume that if they simply list 100s of product on their on-line store, then Google woul herald the traffic bit by bit. however essentially that is not the case. albeit you stay up for ten years, you will not accomplish the results / sales that this course will surrender simply three months once improvement.

But you would like perceive one factor, doing seo for ecommerce web sites isn’t same as doing for a journal or a portfolio website. many product pages square measure created a day and that they don’t seem to be updated for years. Also, the content given by product makers square measure typically skinny and dangerous for seo.

That’s why we have a tendency to designed this course for homeowners of E-Commerce stores,

  • Who square measure troubled to urge sales
  • Who need to rank high on Google, for the product they sell Or for those that don’t even understand what keyword they have to focus on to urge traffic from Google.

By the tip of this course, you’ll be ready to increase your sales by up to five hundredth and conjointly you may surpass your competitors on Google search further as in terms of trust and believably.

  • Online Traders, Retailers, Service suppliers
  • Online Store Managers
  • Digital Marketers in ECommerce field
  • ECommerce web site homeowners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone United Nations agency needs to create a protracted term E-Commerce business
  • Anyone United Nations agency needs to find out a way to rank his/her store on the primary page of Google
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