How To Sell WordPress Plugins

By admin / September 6, 2022

How To Sell WordPress Plugins

Can you make money selling WordPress plugins? There are two major ways of selling and earn money from your plugins. You can either sell the plugins on your own website, or you can sell the plugins on a third-party marketplace. Both ways have their pros and cons, which we will talk about later on.

Where can I sell my WordPress plugin? Where to Sell WordPress Themes
Creative Market.
MOJO Marketplace.
WordPress Theme Directory.

How do I market a WordPress plugin? How to promote your new WordPress plugin?
Offer a FREE trial version. Beleive us it is a good start to offer free version. .
Submit plugin to WordPress repository. .
Submit plugin to other directories. .
Use advertising. .
Social sharing. .
Affiliate program. .
Newsletters. .
Participation in forums.

How To Sell WordPress Plugins – Related Questions

How much do WordPress plugin developers make?

WordPress Plugin Developer Salary
Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $104,000 $8,666
75th Percentile $87,000 $7,250
Average $71,844 $5,987
25th Percentile $56,000 $4,666

How do you make money selling plugins?

Basically there are four main approaches for making money out of plugins. First you can create aMore

How many views do you need to make money on WordPress?

How many pageviews you need to make a full-time income blogging. If you have more than 100,000 pageviews a month on your blog (total pageviews, not unique) you should be blogging full-time (i.e. earning more than $3,500/month from your blog).

How much money can you make selling WordPress themes?

According to Nanda, there have been numerous development teams making money selling WordPress themes that “make close to $500K/year with around $200-$250K” in HR and technology costs.

Can you make money selling WordPress themes?

Selling premium WordPress themes has been a highly lucrative business for years. If you manage to develop beautiful, stable and reliable products, while making sure that providing great customer support won’t be a burden, these businesses can scale very well.

How do I sell on ThemeForest?

The only difference is that while you can sell almost anything on Amazon on themeforest. You onlyMore

How do I sell a plug in?

Host your plugin on a marketplace such as CodeCanyon, TemplateMonster. Use a platform such as Gumroad to embed checkouts into your site, while still leveraging the marketplace for additional visibility and sales. Host your plugin on your website, using WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Freemius, or another solution.

How much does a custom WordPress plugin cost?

As far as the billing rate is concerned, people are not kidding when they say that it can range from $15 to $200 per hour (or more!). Freelancers may charge anywhere between $15 per hour to $75 per hour based on their experience. You can find freelance WordPress developers on Codeable, Fiverr, or Freelancer.

How much should I charge as a freelance WordPress developer?

He suggests $50-60/hour as a good starting rate, but it should increase to $75/hour within a year and $100/hour within two years. There are different pricing models freelance WordPress developers can use. Whether you choose to charge hourly or per project, remember to highlight the value you bring to a project.

How much do WordPress ads pay?

You’ll find most ads work on a pay-per-click (or PPC) basis, meaning you get paid every time someone clicks on one of your adverts. The only hitch is, you won’t get much cash per click – you’ll usually get less than $1 for each. Still, that’s better than nothing, and some advertisers pay out more than others.

How can I make 1k a day?

How can you make an extra $1,000 a day fast?
Deliver food with DoorDash.
Dog sit and dog walk with Rover.
Do projects on HomeAdvisor.
Resell on eBay.
Sell your own products on Etsy.
Start freelance writing for blogs.
Create an online course.
Build a podcast following.

How long does it take to make $500 per month blogging?

about 8-12 months
As a general rule, it takes about 8-12 months to make $500 per month through blogging starting from scratch. But the quality of the content, the topics covered, and the ability to find low competition phrases people are searching for in Google will have a big impact on that.

How much traffic do you need to earn $100?

The key metric to figure out here is the RPM (sometimes also abbreviated EPM). If you know that 1,000 visitors to a site makes $10 on average then it’s easy to figure out that 10,000 visitors a day is the average needed to hit that $100 a day mark. If the earnings are less, like a $5 RPM then it takes 20,000 visitors.

Is it profitable to sell web templates?

Absolutely. If you’re going to make sites from templates, however, you might as well make them using WordPress, which will give you much more built-in functionality. It’s quite common and easy for people with limited coding skills, but who perhaps have design or sales skills, to make money building WordPress sites.

Is selling website templates profitable?

The “web design template” industry hasn’t even been around for a decade yet, but hundreds (if not thousands) of other web designers are making anywhere from $500 to $30,000 a month by selling their designs online.

How do I sell on Envato?

This includes the process to join, sell and manage your items, as well as opportunities to look out for along the way.
Get to Know Envato.
Create an Account.
Read our Author Glossary.
Review Our Quality Expectations.
Upload Your Items.
Keep Track of Earnings & Performance.
Manage Your Items.

What is the most popular WordPress theme?

Astra is the most downloaded WordPress theme of all time — it’s a multipurpose theme offering both free and premium versions depending on your budget and your site’s needs. Trusted by major online brands and organizations, Astra is praised for its speed, lightweight build, and power.

Where can I sell WordPress themes?

Here are 8 places to sell your WordPress themes and plugins right now.
Themeforest. Themeforest is the biggest WordPress theme marketplace on the web. .
CodeCanyon. CodeCanyon is another popular marketplace by Envato. .
TemplateMonster Marketplace. .
Mojo Marketplace. .
ThemeSnap. .
Creative Market. .
Codester. .

How do beginner bloggers make money?

Google AdSense

Google AdSense might be the fastest and easiest way for a beginner to start earning passive income with a blog. The basic idea behind AdSense is that you can display Google Ads on your website and when a visitor clicks on those ads you get a percentage of the ad costs.

Can you still make money on ThemeForest?

ThemeForest WordPress Themes Monthly Earnings

76% of the WordPress Themes on ThemeForest earn below $1,000 per month, assuming the commission is only 30%. That’s 6,098 out of 7,986 themes.

Earning from Envato is possible for both business and non-business people. People running their own business can earn money on the portal. The settlement may be according to the tax scale of 17% or 32% or the flat tax.

How much can you make with Envato?

Each pays $49 per month for unlimited use (as per Envato Elements). Of this, 50% covers platform costs, while the other 50% goes to contributors (i.e. $24.50). With big pool, the heavy and extreme users control 80% of contributor earnings. This is despite the fact they only make up 30% of revenue.

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