How To Host A Podcast On WordPress

By admin / October 21, 2022

How to host a podcast?
How To Host A Podcast On WordPress: Hosting your podcast Of course, we recommend hosting on Audioblog, which is free and without advertising (the public service is still a good thing). But there are other platforms that offer to host you, like Acast, Ausha, Anchor, Soundcloud and a few others.

How to put your podcast on the platforms?

How To Host A Podcast On WordPress So the principle is simple: once the recording of your new episode is in the box, you upload your audio files to your host and it automatically creates what is called an RSS feed. The RSS feed is like your podcast’s identity card.

Where to host your podcast for free?
How To Host A Podcast On WordPress How To Host A Podcast On WordPress Anchor could be one of the best platforms to host your podcast. Why ? Because it’s free and offers features that allow any podcaster to make their podcast as easy as possible.

Which podcast host?
Ausha. Cock-a-doodle Doo ! … Transistor. For you, is the podcast serious? … Acast. Acast is a podcast hosting and distribution solution that appeared in 2019. … Anchor. Beginner podcasters, here is your holy grail. … PodBean. …Buzzsprout. … SoundCloud.

How to get an RSS feed to broadcast a podcast?
If your website is hosted by Squarespace, they’ll create a podcast RSS feed under a special URL once you set it up. You will go to: Blog Settings -> Syndication. Then click Connect under Podcasting Setup.

How does Ausha work?

How To Host A Podcast On WordPressv Ausha provides hosting and storage space for podcasters for an unlimited number of episodes. Its use is simple: just upload an audio file to the platform and specify the metadata (title, description, thumbnail, etc.).

Which Podcast Platform Should You Choose?
The best podcast listening apps on Android and… Pocket Casts. Download Pocket Casts for free. …Podcast Addict. Download Podcast Addict for free. …Spotify. Download Spotify for free. …Deezer. … Google Podcasts. … AntennaPod. … Podcast Republic – Podcast and Radio. … Podcast Player – free.

What file format for a podcast?
How To Host A Podcast On WordPress For a podcaster, two options clearly stand out: WAV and MP3. What is the difference between both ? The sound quality, and consequently the file size. The WAV format represents the same level of quality as the audio CD for example.

How long for a podcast?
If some appreciate podcasts with long episodes, the trend is that short episodes appeal to the greatest number. According to a study by Rephonic, the average length of a top-performing podcast episode is 37 minutes.

How to publish a podcast for free?

The 10 essential spots to properly broadcast your Ausha podcast. We have seen it: an essential platform for the French podcast. … SoundCloud. Same. … Apple Podcasts. It’s the historical taulier! … Google Podcasts. And here they are the androids, they are coming! …Spotify. …Deezer. … Audible. … Stitcher.

How to use the Anchor app?
Give it a name, a description, an image to illustrate the cover and let’s go. To record your first episode, just click a red button on the screen and start talking. Anchor uses your computer’s built-in microphone. To stop recording, another click is enough.

How do I upload a podcast to Spotify?
How To Host A Podcast On WordPress Log in to your Ausha account. Go to the Settings section then Distribution of your program. Check the Share my podcast on Spotify box. Ended ! In an hour or two your podcast will be visible on Spotify!

How to put an audio podcast on Youtube?
To do this, all you have to do is: authorize the broadcasting of your podcast when uploading your new episode. configure your Youtube account in the Settings tab, Broadcast customize the colors of the Video Clip you wish to publish. and voila !

Where to find the podcasts?

3 sites where to find and listen to the best podcasts Podcast France: the intuitive directory of French-speaking podcasts. PodMust: podcasts made easy, without an application. BNF podcasts: culture to listen to or download.

How to read a podcast?
In the Google Podcasts app on your Android phone or tablet, open Google Podcasts. At the bottom of the screen, tap Subscriptions activity. Tap More. Add a podcast via its RSS feed. Enter the feed URL. Tap Subscribe.

What is an RSS podcast?
Simple as pie, or as RSS! Your podcast’s audio files remain hosted on a server, either on your own or through a hosting platform. The RSS feed contains all the other essential data: name, description, cover, tags, etc.

How to create a free RSS feed?
RSSBuilder. It is a free, open source software that allows you to create RSS feeds that you will then upload to your site. It also allows you to automatically administer your site’s RSS feed without having to download the XML file each time.

Which feed aggregator to choose?

Best RSS Feed Readers to use in 2021 Feedly. URL: Platform: Web / Windows / Linux / MacOs / IOS / Android / Kindle. … The Old Reader. URL: … Inoreader. URL: … Feeder. URL: … Flipboard. URL:

How to put a podcast on Apple?
The steps to add your podcast to Apple Podcasts Log in to your Ausha account ?? Select the show you want to broadcast on the platform ??? Then go to “Settings”, in the main navigation of your interface ?? Then, on the right side, click on Broadcast

Which software to download podcast?
Cons Podcast recording software Best for: Hindenburg Journalist Journalists, podcasters and radio professionals Audacity Experienced podcasters Zencastr Podcasters who conduct remote interviews Alitu Novice and intermediate podcasters 6 more rows

What is the principle of a podcast?
A podcast is a form of audio broadcasting on the web. It can be listened to on the go, on the way to the office or even while working. Unlike blogs and videos, podcasts are easy to consume because they can be listened to while performing other activities (eg.

How does Apple Podcast work?

How To Host A Podcast On WordPress Follow podcasts on iPhone or iPad When you follow a podcast, new episodes are automatically downloaded to your device. You can also receive a notification when new episodes are available. Open the Podcasts app. Explore available podcasts or search for one.

What is the difference between a video and a podcast?
How To Host A Podcast On WordPress: Video and animated podcast are on equal footing. The visual is essential since it will help to capture the attention of the listeners. As opposed to a video, the animated podcast targets and supports important ideas. It is therefore the best for the understanding of your listeners.

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