How To Add Meta Description In Wordpress Home Page

How To Add Meta Description In WordPress Home Page

By admin / October 19, 2022

How to add a meta description in WordPress?

How To Add Meta Description In WordPress Home Page To add a meta description in WordPress with Yoast SEO, you only have to edit a page and then go to the management framework named Yoast SEO in order to modify the Meta description field.

How to add a meta description?

The easiest way to add a meta description in WordPress is to use a WordPress SEO plugin. The most common plugins allow you to write all the snippets, consisting of the title, the URL and the description, for each article and each page.

How to edit the description of a WordPress site?

Generally, once connected to the site ( back office ), you have to go to the page and click on modify the page. The meta description is managed by the Yoast SEO plugin mentioned earlier, at the end of the article.

How to see the meta description of a page?

There are several ways to identify the meta description of a page: Chrome / Firefox extensions: Install a chrome or firefox extension such as Moz, SiteChecker or SeoQuake. Once installed, it appears at the top right of your toolbar.

What is a meta description in WordPress?

Meta descriptions are the short snippets that appear on search results pages like Google and Bing. You can customize them to better describe each page, attract new users, and make your search results stand out from competing sites.

What is the target query?

The target query is the main keyword (or phrase) for which website owners want to obtain a good ranking in the first SERP of search engines.

Where is the meta description located?

The meta description is the text above the title in search results that indicates what the page is about.

Where to place the meta tag?

A meta tag is an HTML tag that is found in the HEAD part of a page’s source code and provides the browser with metadata, that is, information about the page in question. Meta tags are normally invisible in the user’s browser.

What is the ALT tag?

The ALT tag, also known as the “ALT attribute”, corresponds to the alternative text of an image or visual on a web page. It is one of the possible fields to fill in HTML coding and allows you to give a description of the image or visual if the latter does not appear on the screen.

How to modify WordPress SEO? How To Add Meta Description In WordPress Home Page

Go to the Yoast SEO menu and click on General Settings . Then click on the “Features” tab. With Yoast SEO, you just need to enable the XML sitemap. In order to visualize your site plan, click on the question mark then on the link See the XML site plan .

How to make changes on a website?

Edit websites created with Google Go to your business listing. … Select Edit record. … At the top of the page, select the Contact tab. Next to ‘Website’, select the pencil icon . Select Manage.

How to modify a WordPress site locally?

Install local development software and create the environment. Install WordPress on the local environment. Import content from its site and database to the local environment. Make all the changes you want on the site locally.

How to add a description in HTML?

The meta description is an HTML tag located at the beginning of the page, generally shortly after the TITLE tag. Where to put it exactly? Concretely, you can place it wherever you want in the HTML header, that is to say between the and tags.

What are meta tags?

Meta tags are small snippets of HTML code that help describe the content of your web page to Google and other search engines. The word “Meta” is short for metadata. 05-May-2020

What is an h1 tag?

Definition of the H1 tag The h1 is an HTML tag that indicates a title on a website. HTML has six different title tags h1, h2, etc. The h1 is considered the most important title and the h6 is the least important.

How to create meta?

What is a good meta description? Aim for a short and effective text. … Use the active voice. … Use Call-To-Actions. …Make sure to match the description to the content. … Include your main keyword. … Make it unique.

What is a good meta description?

The meta description should be written in the form of one or two well-constructed, well-spelled sentences, with punctuation. It is essential to inspire confidence in Internet users by being able to formulate the content of your page in a clear, concise and clean way. Do not list keywords.

What is the meta title?

The META TITLE is an HTML tag corresponding to the title of your web page. Systematically located at the top of the document in the header of the HTML code (), it is framed by the tags. It is used by search engines to understand the content of your page.

What is the SEO page title?

It’s the first line of a search result, and it’s usually presented in a blue color that highlights on mouseover. This title tag is considered an important tag in natural referencing (or SEO for Search Engine Optimization).

What is an SEO query?

An SEO target query is the term you use to get your content listed on search engines. Synonymous with main keyword , it is mainly used by Yoast SEO, a WordPress plugin.

What is a WordPress query?

The target query is a very important element in the referencing of your article, it is the keywords on which you want to reference your article, by typing these keywords, users will therefore find your article in search engines.

How to describe a website?

Which style to choose? Have a conforming length of at least 500 words, but more than 1,000 is better! … Respect a correct structure (meta tag Hn); Write in clear and correct French (without fault); Optimize the SEO of your text according to the chosen keyword; Optimize the meta description tag;

How to optimize a URL link?

15 SEO tips for URL optimization Remove unnecessary words in the URL. … Use relevant keywords in the url. … easy to read URL. … Use single dashes and avoid underscores. … Single domain and subdomain. … Canonicalize your URLs. … URL similar to the page title.

How to use meta HTML?

Anatomy of a META tag If we want to talk about tags, we should rather speak of tag . You may have noticed that the name placed just after the word “META” corresponds to the keyword used in a specific attribute: depending on the case, it is the name attribute or the attribute http-equiv .

Which tag is used to specify the metadata relating to the page?

The “Author” and “Copyright” meta tag allows website administrators to specify in the source code of an HTML page who created the page in question and who is legally responsible for its contents.

What does not directly influence the positioning of a page?

The meta description tag: it does not directly influence the positioning of a page, but it has a good chance of appearing under the title of your page in Google results (it is the snippet).

What is utf-8 meta charset?

The meta charset tag: This is the character encoding for browsers. As a result, it must be placed quickly after the and before the . There has long been a debate between utf-8 and ISO-8859-1 (Html 4 and XHTML).

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