how to add authors to squarespace blog

Hover over a blog post in the side panel and click Edit. Hover over the post and click the pencil icon. Switch the Show Author Name toggle off. Hover over Done and click Save.25-Aug-2021
Squarespace is a great website builder that’s ideal for most websites especially for writers and authors who are interested in boosting their visibility. However, you need to pick a template that will suit your personal and/or business needs, while meeting all your marketing and content management objectives.28-Jun-2021

How do I add an author to my Squarespace blog?

Squarespace is a great website builder that’s ideal for most websites especially for writers and authors who are interested in boosting their visibility. However, you need to pick a template that will suit your personal and/or business needs, while meeting all your marketing and content management objectives.


How do I remove an author from a Squarespace blog post?

Squarespace 7.1 has made some fantastics strides in terms of layout for blogs. I’d say that unless you need a very customized, granular layout (and in that case WordPress is likely a better solution), you’ll be much happier with the out of the box options on 7.1 versus the old Brine template layouts available in 7.0.


How do I edit my blog page on Squarespace?

Squarespace has a Personal & CV category with 22 templates, some of which are great for actors. Many templates in the Personal & CV category are a great starting point. However, if you have a lot of videos or stills or an archive of past work, I’d recommend looking at templates in the Portfolio category.


How do I hide my tags on Squarespace blog?

You can also go through an affiliate program to make money on your Squarespace blog. … Each time you get someone to buy that product or service from you, you get money for it. Do keep in mind that these products and services are not your own. These belong to a third-party company.


How do I manage categories in squarespace?

Squarespace vs WordPress: conclusion

WordPress is a considerably more powerful and flexible tool than Squarespace — you can build pretty much any website you like with it. However, for those on a low budget or intent on building their website without involving a developer, the better option can often be Squarespace.


How do I move a blog post on squarespace?

Firstly you will need to add the blog itself to your Squarespace website. You can add this by going to your page overview and click the + icon to create a new page. Then scroll down to collections and you can pick Blog. This will be the back-end of your blog where you draft, edit and schedule your blogs.


What is the best squarespace template for a blog?

Squarespace is the clear winner on ease of use.

It’s much easier to use than WordPress. You won’t ever need to touch code with Squarespace. WordPress on the other hand has a steeper learning curve. First time users may find it difficult to navigate WordPress’s confusing menu system.


Is squarespace good for actors?

A recipe or content index is a great way to organize your blog posts so visitors can quickly browse your content. Create a text-only index using the archive block, or create a visual index with a summary block or an index page. Whatever option you choose, the page will automatically refresh when you add new content.


Is squarespace a publisher?

In Squarespace 7.1, you have the option to hide the categories, date, author name, and author profile. … In this video, I show you how to hide the blog tag list in Squarespace 7.1.


Why you should not use Squarespace?

If you think you’ll need the post later, unpublish it temporarily instead by setting it back to a draft. It isn’t possible to create a new post using the same URL slug as a post in the trash can.


Can you make money from a Squarespace blog?

Categories are hierarchical which means you can create sub-categories. Tags are meant to describe specific details of your posts. Think of these as your site’s index words. They let you micro-categorize your content.


Is WordPress or Squarespace better for a blog?

If your site has multiple blog pages for different categories, but you want to combine them into a single blog page organized using our built-in categorization options, follow these steps: Add the desired categories to all of your blog posts in each blog page. Move your blog posts into a single blog page.


How do I add a blog page to Squarespace?

But with Squarespace, it is. In fact, you can have as many as you want. Most of you, however, may be sitting there wondering WHY more than one blog is even necessary. And most of the time, you’d be right.


Which is easier to use Squarespace or WordPress?

Absolutely yes. You can have as many blogs as you want on your Squarespace website. Just click the blog icon in your pages dashboard and boom, you’ll be able to create a new and separate collection of blog posts.


How do I organize my Squarespace blog?

When I recommend Squarespace 7.1 templates to website DIYers, I usually recommend Noll or Pulaski (referral links). These both are solid frameworks you can use for a good, basic website.


How do I turn off the date on my Squarespace blog?

Squarespace is a New York based company offering a drag-and-drop website builder with beautiful templates and a tiered pricing plan. They do not offer free websites.


Can you hide a category on squarespace?

When you reactivate your site, you’ll be charged $20 to renew your domain, and every time it renews after that. If you move your domain to a different Squarespace site that already has a free domain registered on it, you’ll be charged $20 at the renewal date.


Can you unpublish a blog post on squarespace?

Anthony Casalena is the Founder and CEO of Squarespace, which he started from his dorm room in 2003. During the company’s early years, Anthony acted as the sole engineer, designer, and support representative for the entire Squarespace platform.


How do I link a blog category in squarespace?

When you upload content to Squarespace, you still own it. You do, however, give us permission to use it in ways necessary to provide, improve, promote and protect our services.


How do I link blog categories in squarespace?

The problem is that Squarespace actually uses the “Site Meta Description” for any page or post where you don’t specify a different meta description. That means that the Site Meta Description is almost always applied to multiple pages of your site.


What is the difference between categories and tags?

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