how to add a review section on shopify

By admin / January 11, 2022

Go to the app store to install Product Reviews for Shopify. After you’ve installed the Product Reviews app, you can add review forms to your product pages, and review score badges to your product and collection pages.

How do I show reviews on Shopify homepage?

Go to Display Reviews > Reviews Carousel. Configure the Reviews Carousel according to your needs. At the bottom of the page, click Generate Code. Click Copy Code or select the code and copy it manually.


How do I move a section in Shopify?

On the section bar, you can choose the section that you want to move by hitting and holding it and then drag it to the new position that you like. This is the end of your work to rearrange the dynamic sections on your desktop.


Why are my loox reviews not showing up?

Loox Reviews not showing on the product page

In this case, you need to make sure that you installed the Loox app on your Shopify store and configure all settings in this app before using the Loox Reviews element on the PageFly product page.


How do I add loox reviews to Shopify product page?

To maintain reviews’ authenticity, Loox does not support editing or translating reviews once they have been created.


How do I add reviews to loox?

Add the Review Widget on the product page

In the PageFly product pages list, choose the product page you want to show reviews or rating stars. On the Element Catalog on the left screen, click on the Add element icon. Drag and drop the HTML/ Liquid element under the Product Details element.


Can you edit loox reviews?

AliExpress Review Importer is a completely free app that helps you import reviews from AliExpress. After that, you can install Product Reviews (our other app with a free or paid plan) to display the reviews, or export the reviews and use them in any another review app of your choice.


How do I add reviews to PageFly?

Scroll down to the Import Reviews section and select the review filter options you’d like to export from AliExpress (i.e. Do you want to export reviews with pictures, personal information or reviews from your country, etc), and you’ll also select how many pages worth of reviews you’d like to export.


Can I use AliExpress reviews?

Yes, it is that easy to import product reviews.

Click the “Original” tab > “View Original AliExpress” button. Once you are on the original product page in AliExpress, click the Dropified Chrome Extension. Scroll down and select the checkbox that says “Import Reviews.”


How do you download reviews on AliExpress?

Don’t Post Fake Reviews

First, store owners can refuse to upload fake reviews to their stores. It is hard in the beginning to generate reviews and social proof for your store but honesty is the best policy for building trust among your visitors.


Can I use AliExpress reviews on my website?

With Loox, you can generate beautiful photo or video reviews and display them on your store in a wide array of widgets and display options. There are multiple ways to generate reviews with Loox, with the main channel being our Review Request emails.


Can you add fake reviews on Shopify?

Pagefly is an easy drag-and-drop page builder for Shopify. It lets you design your own custom pages on Shopify. Its main competitor is Shogun, but unlike Pagefly, Shogun does not have a free plan.


How do I import reviews to my website?

In the Oberlo Products tab, you’ll see the (X) icon of AliExpress Review Importer. Click on the icon in the product you want to import reviews, then choose Get reviews. A pop-up will appear, showing the review import settings. Adjust the settings as you want, then click Import Reviews.


Can you write your own reviews with loox?

To download your Amazon app reviews as a CSV, head over to the Reviews page from the main menu. Apply the necessary filters at the top to refine the review list to only show the Amazon apps and reviews you are interested in. Press ‘Export’ then choose whether you want ‘CSV’ or ‘Excel (.


How do I import reviews to judge me?

Unbiased insight

In addition to providing unbiased information people can rely on, people also like reviews because they provide third party insight into the quality and experience your product provides.


How do I import from Shopify to AliExpress?

You should never repost a reviewer’s comment from another site to your own website without asking the reviewer’s permission first. Ever. This violates the writer’s rights and is just plain shady. Review removal.


How do I import reviews on AliExpress review importer?

According to a post in the Google Business Help forums on May 16th, by Jade Wang from Google stated that business owners can now request to have reviews moved from one listing to another.






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