How did you decide which CMS was the fit for your e-commerce website?

By admin / January 22, 2019

Of course, it looks promising when people share your page on Facebook, etc. But social media users are mostly not content writers or operators of reputable sites. Even though some users share your page, it does not increase your ranking. The opinions of the SEOs are divided on the meaning of the “social signals” mentioned quality indicators of social media pages. Observed ranking profits of social-strong pages may also be due to the positive effect of linked mentions or just Brand Mentions.

Become a reputable site yourself
When aiming for a high ranking, it is often not enough to have good content and enjoy growing popularity. Since serious, quality-based sites have a better ranking, it makes sense to optimize your own site in this direction. Therefore, you provide information about the background of your page.

Beware of advertising
The use of advertising in itself will not change your ranking, either positively or negatively. But there are two things to keep in mind in order to avoid being punished by search engines:

  • Do not allow too much advertising and only those that make sense in the context of the overall theme of your page.
  • Place your banner ads in a way that attracts attention without being disturbed. Under no circumstances should they
  • dominate the design of your site.
  • Set all ad links to no_follow

If the same document or two very similar documents can be found under different URLs, this is called duplicate content
This can be done by a domain change in which the old domain is left active.
Or two domains run on the same web space and have similar content or different links to the same pages.
Piracy – a text is copied from one website and published on another page unchanged. The text is virtually stolen
For press releases, duplicate content is always a hot topic. The critics claim that the press releases posted on various pages do not differ and are considered DC

Stay on the ball
In general, if many people want to use your site, you can use it yourself a lot. Your once furnished page should therefore be regularly expanded by you. New blog posts increase the use of your site enormously. But not only the optimization and renewal of the site in general increases the find ability, also the individual pages should experience regular updates.

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