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By admin / February 2, 2019
Working as a web developer? Look, we have compiled a selection of tools to facilitate the workflow.

The tools we use can either dramatically improve efficiency or make our work extremely difficult.

A significant role in the career of developers is played by mastering all the new tools that simplify the task management process, make communication with other team members more convenient and provide integration between the team tools.

In this post we will tell you about a set of tools that web developers use daily to manage, analyze and support their products.


web slack

What is it needed for

Slack is a communication platform for employees. Despite its initial goal to completely replace the need for email that was not achieved, Slack has many additional benefits. But even if you are all a freelancer, this may be useful for you.

Instead of communicating with the group, Slack gives you the opportunity to discuss different topics in different subspecies – channels.

Slack has all the necessary functions for conducting corporate correspondence. In addition, integration is available, allowing you to connect third-party tools to your chat. You can either install publicly available tools from the Slack market, or develop your own using the Slack API, and use it in your group. Together, this allows you to schedule meetings with team members, set reminders, order food at a certain time, entertain chat participants and much more.

Who is it for?

The main audience, of course, are corporate teams. But, being a developer who works alone as a freelancer, I urge you to create a Slack group for yourself and try the benefits of the service. There are even those who run family affairs in Slack.

slack chat

How to

  • Examine the services available for integration and learn how to use them for yourself;
  • Examine Slack keyboard shortcuts for better performance;
  • Check BitBucket integration;
  • Use Slack through all-in-one services, it is convenient.


Slack offers a free plan for small teams, but there is a limitation – you only have access to the last 10 thousand messages. For Standard and Plus plans, you pay for team members and get more ways to integrate, give priority support, and more.

Advice for advanced

Slack is used not only for internal teams, but also for large communities. One of the Slack community directories is Slack List .



What is it needed for

Trello is a simple but cool task management tool (or project management).

The Trello user interface is very simple and minimalistic, but it has everything you need for teams of up to 10 members, including task labels, attachments, managing specific tasks by different users, and planning.

Who is it for?

Trello is ideal for teams as well as singles. But it is worth noting that Trello may not be enough for projects in which a large turnover or too many people work.

trello boards

How to

  • Use different boards for different team goals. You can open the board for marketing, development, design, etc;
  • To not confuse anything, use a different background color for each board;
  • When creating a board, make individual cards and title them;
  • Keep track of the implementation of tasks specific members of the team, rather than all together.


All the main features provided by Trello are in the free plan. To integrate, improve security and support, look at the plans of the Business Class and Enterprise, although, in my opinion, with the development of the company you will begin to use something more powerful than Trello.

The board

Use examples in the Inspiration section of the Trello website.



What is it needed for

Redash is a great open source tool for visualizing your data on a special panel. It provides a complete set of functions for working with data in a team.

The service is integrated with MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch and other systems.

With Redash, you can visualize changes and keep everything under control. By the way, you will be notified of critical changes.

Who is suitable

Unlike those mentioned above, a single user will have nothing to work with – too little data to use a service of this level. And for companies, including small businesses, it will be convenient.

redash examples

How to

  • Integrate Redash metrics with Slack to automatically receive them daily. Well, team members will also be able to see everything (if configured).


Another reason why it is inappropriate to use the service only for yourself – its price starts from $ 29 per month. Tariff for startups costs $ 99, and for large businesses – $ 450.

Advice for advanced

If you feel that something is missing, look for useful add-ons on GitHub.



What is it needed for

How many times have you thought about how good it would be to parse ads from Facebook to tables? Zapier exists precisely for this. Now you do not need to work on each integration separately.

Zapier automatically transfers information between more than 750 web applications. It allows you to automate processes in just a few clicks.

With Zapier, for example, you can flip every problem from BitBucket to Slack in a couple of minutes or create Trello cards from Google Form responses.

Who is suitable

Developers are constantly working with the API. I recommend that you check out what Zapier can the next time you are going to integrate something. It can save you a lot of time!

If you are a company executive, consider using Zapier as an analysis of projects, errors and risks.

zapier integrations

How to

  • Sign up Zapier right now;
  • Check out the examples to see how cool the service is.


Zapier offers a free plan with limited functionality (the number of integrations is limited), this is enough to learn how to work with the service. Then you can go to the paid plans , the cost of which starts from $ 20 per month.

The board

See examples of integration with Google Spreadsheets, try to implement something useful for yourself.

What is it needed for is a great tool for creating prototypes, layouts and models. It can be used for different purposes, thanks to collections of templates. But the main purpose of the service is to design processes and systems before introducing them with code (or with photoshop). is an add-on for Google Drive, so it provides all the sharing and collaboration features on Google Drive. For example, you can work seamlessly with other team members when designing a server architecture.

Who is suitable is one of the best sketching tools I know, and it’s absolutely free. I recommend that you try and use it for your next project at the design stage. And yes, it doesn’t matter what specialization your project is. diagram example


The service is absolutely free!

All-in-one Messenger

all-in-one messenger

Most of us have more than one channel of communication with our colleagues, friends and family. Usually for each messenger we use different applications, be it Telegram, VK, Slack or WhatsApp.

This Chrome extension allows you to combine all messages in one place. This is actually very convenient: all the messages are on your mind, and therefore they are easy to manage.

Who is suitable

From individual developers to companies, “All-in-one” is used by everyone who deals with several communication channels on a daily basis, that is, fits absolutely all of us.

messengers at all-in-one


Tariff one – free.

The board

If you want to be more productive at work (of course you want), do yourself a favor and cancel the notifications on the settings tab for all communication channels except workers.



What is it needed for

BitBucket is a version control system that simplifies working with your team.

Unlike Github, it offers storage for up to five users for free. BitBucket’s user interface is easy to use, and the integration that BitBucket offers is extremely useful (Jira, HipChat and Trello and BitBucket belong to the same company).

Who is suitable

For developers working as a team, using a version control system is obvious (hopefully). As a solo developer, I recommend using BitBucket as your version control system for your code, application deployment, integration with third-party code verification tools, etc.

bitbucket overview

How to

Use BitBucket & Slack integration to get push notifications from BitBucket on your Slack developer channel.


As mentioned above, BitBucket offers unlimited private code repositories for up to five employees. As soon as you want to expand your team, you will need to renew your subscription by paying from $ 2 per month for each team member.



What is it needed for

Developers often have to create APIs to expose code. But sometimes the results of this process can be difficult to test, document and control in general.

Postman is an extension for Chrome that allows you to send HTTP requests to the server with any parameters and settings that you need.

Postman, unlike other tools, has a wonderful GUI for defining your HTTP request and analyzing the response.

Who is suitable

From individual developers who develop or test their own API, to companies that need to work together.

postman example

How to

Keep Postman open when developing web applications, you will most likely find it useful.


Postman offers a free plan, which is enough for one developer working on his project. For teamwork and advanced features will have to give from $ 8 per month.

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