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You are determined to create your professional website and you are faced with an abundant offer of website creation software with different functionalities.

Whether you want to get your hands dirty, that is to say code your own website, or go through a CMS or use a free and easy website builder software , you will find your happiness in this selection!

Website creation software:

  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Prestashop
  • Medium
  • Tumblr

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WordPress is a easy website builder software and the most popular cms on the web . Created in 2003, WordPress is basically a  software to create blogs . It was then diverted to create websites through a system of plugins. WordPress is an  open source and free cm .

You will find many themes and plugins (modules that you connect to your site) for all types of features. However, it will be necessary to sort through this plethora of offers and  choose the right template and the right plugins  consistent with your site project and your business objectives.

Count between  $ 10 and $ 100 for a template , depending on the type of website you want to create and your business goals (simple blog, or showcase site?).


The principle is indeed the same as for any cms: you modify and edit content that will automatically be placed in a pre-configured template. The templates are written in Php for connoisseurs.

The prices of the 50,000 plugins (feature modules) available to create your website are very variable. To  choose a plugin , look beyond your wallet and make sure that the plugin is both compatible with your version of wordpress and secondly regularly updated. Also count on the number of downloads and user reviews to make sure the plugin is functional and efficient.

As you can see,  WordPress requires some knowledge and technical skills  to create the website you want. It will also invest a little time to configure WordPress and especially maintain it.

Concretely, what will you have to do to start on WordPress? First,  take a host , connect to the FTP server and install the previously downloaded WordPress cms. You can then go to the configuration section before creating your first page or article.

WordPress being the  most used cms in the world  and with open source code (that is to say open and available to all), it is normal that it arouses covetousness. Hackers have made it a target of choice. There are a  lot of security updates  that you will need to do regularly to ensure the security of your WordPress site.

  • WordPress is basic free .
  • WordPress makes big e-commerce sites.
  • Very little support on WordPress, only the community will be present to answer your questions
  • No support for the SEO of your website
  • Need to have technical skills to create a professional website on WordPress
  • Need to update your site regularly
  • If you go through an external provider on WordPress, the price of your site flies.




Ecommerce website creation software


Shopify is the best software to create a powerful ecommerce website and best easy website builder software

It’s all you need to build a merchant site in no time and without technical skills. You will be able to start with elegant and modern templates with distinct styles.

The addition of products is simple without too many parameters to configure. You will then be able to fully customize your online store. If you want to customize your e commerce site to the nearest pixel, you can modify the HTML and CSS.

Web sites are optimized for SEO (SEO) with the ability to change the titles, descriptions of each of your product pages, essential to be well referenced.

The software is not everything , Shopify offers complete support to create your sales site (guides, customer testimonials, blog of remarkable quality) and human support through email, chat or phone. Human support is currently only available in English.

Shopify also offers complementary services such as being able to receive payments in the physical world , creating a shop on Facebook or using Facebook Messenger as a customer service.


Prestashop is a French Content Management System (CMS) which is very complete but more complex to configure. It proposes to customize many elements of your e-commerce site . The complete installation of the CMS takes time and requires at least a little technical knowledge .

It has a marketplace offering plugins, that is to say modules to add additional features on your merchant site with prices ranging from $ 50 to $ 900, such as:

  • new templates, site templates,
  • SEO modules,
  • inventory management plugins related to accounting software,
  • a professional blog.

This makes it more complex than Shopify ; but it has a real competitive advantage, it is that it is French and therefore offers a Colissimo module that allows very simply to link its merchant site with delivery services with a tracking system included.

Prestashop is a popular website creation software whose source code is open source.

The regular update of the CMS is necessary but is complex since it is necessary to ensure compatibility with all the modules or plugins you have installed.

If you opt for Prestashop, make the most of the basic features that are more than enough to build an online store that earns you money.

To help you, the Prestashop Marketplace offers support packages or training hours to install, update Prestashop or build skills on the tool.


Blog creation software


best easy website builder software

Medium easy to use website builder software has become in a few years a world reference in blogging . At the crossroads between blog platform and social network, Medium is a platform where we come looking for content with high added value. Founded in 2012 by Evan Williams, one of Twitter’s co-founders , Medium’s goal is to allow everyone to simply create a blog.

Medium wants to eventually become a full-fledged media where everyone can come to discover high value-added content available nowhere else.

Do not have a template here : what matters is the content and relevance of the articles you are going to write, not the graphics and the visual identity around it.

Medium offers a common design for all: sleek and elegant, it is very focused on content with readability and a pleasant reading to focus on your articles (which can be in text, video, graphics.).

The creation of a blog is done in 5 minutes in chrome  from an email or a twitter account. To create a professional blog on Medium (and be referenced by search engines) can then simply attach a domain name to your blog by means of a redirect.

You will also be able to follow other bloggers or other companies who keep their blog on Medium. These news will put you directly into your personal news feed like Facebook news feeds.

What are the benefits of creating your blog on Medium? First, your articles will be accessible to a community of 650,000 users , who represent more than 30 million visits per month on the platform! In addition, Medium sorts articles by theme and offers them to specific reader categories. With Medium’s targeting, you are more likely to reach readers who might be interested in your articles and relay you.

Medium offers

Medium is based in San Francisco, and the content is for the moment mainly in English but the platform is in the process of creating a name for French entrepreneurs and designers in particular.Then the ease of use is of course a strong argument.

It offers an intuitive interface both on the administrator side (writing and publishing content) and on the player side (streamlined interface, sharing, article recommendations).

Are there any disadvantages to using Medium? We could say that the platform is currently very American and that for the moment it is mostly English publications that can become viral on the platform.


Tumblr is a blogging platform for blogs and personal sites . Created in 2007 Tumblr has a very simple interface that allows any neophyte to build his blog in minutes. You will need to create your Tumblr account and then choose a template from the proposed free templates , directly provided by Tumblr.

If you want to have a different and unique template, Tumblr also offers paying themes made by external designers for $ 50.

You can then create in a few clicks articles with contents like texts, images, videos, music, quote … The platform, very easy to take in hand , also allows users to follow and “rejoice” (share) content that interests you.

By default blog will be created on an address in yourblog.tumblr.com , but if you want to have a professional image and be referenced, buy your own domain name to use it on your blog tumblr.

Be aware that to this day, Tumblr is a platform rather used by amateurs . If you want to create a professional blog, we recommend you instead to go through WordPress or Medium.

That said, because of its free and easy to use, Tumblr is an option to get started in the world of blogging, especially if you especially for personal purposes and that SEO and lead generation is not your priority!


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