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By admin / August 5, 2022

What is Drain Gang style called?

Drain Gang
Genres Cloud rap alternative R&B hip hop
Years active 2013“present
Labels YEAR0001
Members Bladee Thaiboy Digital Ecco2K Whitearmor
7 more rows


Why is it called Drain Gang?

Nobody seems to know what Drain Gang means¦

#Drain is about loss and gain; it could be good or bad ” you could be drained of energy or you could drain something to gain energy. There’s financial, emotional and physical drains, for example ” you could just be draining your bank account at the store.


What is draining gang?

Drain Gang (also known as Gravity Boys and Shield Gang) is an artistic collective, primarily focusing on music, consisting of Swedish singer/rappers Bladee and Ecco2K, Thai singer/rapper Thaiboy Digital, and Swedish producers Whitearmor and Yung Sherman.


How did Drain Gang get popular?

The post-2015 cloud rap era saw the rise of Drain Gang, as collaborations with Yung Lean brought them major attention. This initial burst in popularity allowed the group to quickly become trailblazers in the genre.


Who is apart of sad boys?

Sadboys or Sad Boys Entertainment is a music collective from Stockholm,Sweden, formed by Yung Lean and Yung Gud, The group is associated with fellow Stockholartists Ecco2k, Bladee and Thaiboy Digital which makes up an art and music collective by the name of Drain Gang.


What is Bladees real name?

Benjamin Reichwald
Bladee / Full name


What does drain mean in slang?

to become worthless or profitless.


How do you become a drainer?

To become a Drainer

You can work as a Drainer without formal qualifications if you are able to demonstrate your technical competency to employers. However, a certificate II in drainage is usually required.


What is the Drain Gang aesthetic?

Drain (also known as Draincore or Drainer – a term referring to people who listens to Drain Gang) is an aesthetic/subculture that is heavily inspired by the Drain Gang music collective. It is best known for its trashy or noisy visuals with dreamlike feelings since it has a lot of Y2K-cyber inspired themes.


How old is Ecco2k?

27 years (23 October 1994)
Ecco2K / Age


Is Drain Gang popular?

Drain Gang have emerged as one of those rare acts that exist both in and for a generation. As such, the group has experienced a steady rise in notoriety and devotion over the past decade. Collectively, they described a snowball effect that occurred during the pandemic.


Who created cloud rap?

Cloud rap is a subgenre of Southern rap and trap music that has several sonic characteristics of lo-fi in its hazy, dreamlike and relaxed sound. Many music experts credit rapper Lil B and producer Clams Casino as the early pioneers of this style.


Where is ecco2k from?

London, United Kingdom
Ecco2K / Place of birth


How do you make like Whitearmor?

And it’s just a pluck bell sound that just plays over this arp sound and it sounds like. This. AndMore


Who started emo rap?

Emo rap was pioneered by Bones, whose VHS-recorded music videos and dark production and aesthetic were so influential on the hip hop underground of the time that Dazed described him as the “underground rap king.”


What does Sadboys mean?

Noun. sadboi (plural sadbois) (Discuss this sense) (informal, neologism) A young man who is open about his emotions, especially his feeling sad about failed relationships and unrequited love, and channels his sadness artistically.


How old is Bladee?

28 years (9 April 1994)
Bladee / Age


When was blade born?

So here are some things you might not know about Blade! Born Eric Brooks in a London brothel in Soho’s famous red light district in 1929, the Blade of the comic books is a far cry from Wesley Snipes’ modern half-vamp half-human hybrid. When Eric’s mother had troubles during his birth, a doctor was called.


What is Thaiboy Digital real name?

Thanapat Bunleang
Thanapat Bunleang (born Khazitin G. Bonleunge), better known by his stage name Thaiboy Digital, is a Thai rapper and singer. Born in Khon Kaen, Thailand, Bunleang moved to Stockholm, Sweden at the age of eight, and is now based in Bangkok.


Where is Bladee?

BLADEE (born April 9, 1994) better known as BLADEE (2nd hottest man alive thanks to ecco2k) is an artist from Stockholm, Sweden.


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