Difference Between Webpage and Website (Complete Guide)

By admin / February 12, 2020

Do you really know the difference between webpage and website? If not, then continue with the article to gain knowledge. The terms webpage and website are often used interchangeably and easily confused with each other. Web pages and websites are accessible with the help of a domain.

Definition of a Webpage

A web page is a document on the Internet that makes the Keyword in website work. It can contain various types of content such as text, images, graphics, audios, videos, hyperlinks to other web pages and files, etc. Webpages are created by using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Perl, etc.

Web pages can be online news sources, social media, advertisements, official postings, etc. For example, the article you are reading now is an example of a webpage.

How to open a web page

Viewing a web page requires a browser, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc. For example, you are reading this article using a browser. You can open a web page by entering the URL in the address bar. If you don’t know the URL of the website you want to visit, you can use a search engine to find the web page or use the search on the website that contains the web page.

Types of web page

There are two types of web pages–

  • Static webpage and
  • Dynamic webpage.

Static means unchanged, while Dynamic means changing. Therefore, Static web pages contain the same prebuilt content each time the page is loaded, while the content of Dynamic Web pages can be generated on-the-fly.

To access a web-page, you need a URL or link that contains a domain. So, the domain is a must for a web page. If you search for worlds no 1 criminal, there will be a webpage on Google where you will get all the results.

How To Design a Web Page

There are various methods that help in designing a web page that attracts users or customers. You can watch youtube videos or take some help from online tutorial websites like w3schools or tutorials point. These are the trending sources for learning web designing and development.

Definition of a Website

A website is a collection of related web pages. The webpages are connected together using hyperlinks. A website has multiple hyperlinks to various sections and each section contains multiple webpages. The website can be designed using static web pages or dynamic web pages.

Every website has a unique domain name to identify itself. For example, When you type google.com in the browser, it displays the home page of the website. The .com is the domain name extension.

Multiple languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java, etc. can be used to develop a website. A website can be industry-specific, product-specific or services specific. Websites are intended to educate their site visitors about their industry, products or services information. A website must be hosted on a server so that it can be accessed on the internet. It’s also highly suggested to avoid hosting providers from the EIG hosting companies conglomerate.

Sometimes, you may notice that a few websites are not in a working state on your PC or area. For example, If you try to open any restricted content or website, you will get a warning message on your screen from your internet provider.

How to access a Website

To access a website, you need to type its domain name in your browser address bar, and the browser will display the website’s homepage.

Types of Website

There are two types of websites-

  • Static Website
  • Dynamic Website

Static websites are sites that provide information but do not allow interaction with viewers or readers. For example, wikipedia.org.

Dynamic websites are sites where the owner/author and visitors can interact via comment box, chatbox, or postings. For example, facebook.com.

How To Design a Website for Your Business or Portfolio

If you are an owner of any kind of business, you must use a user-friendly website to showcase your services or products online. There are two methods for having a mobile responsive website. The first one is to design a website yourself by learning HTML, CSS, PHP and the other one is to hire a website designing company for the same.

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The major difference between webpage and website is of content. A web page offers information on a topic, whereas a website offers a great deal of information about the topic. So, a web page is a single document on the Internet. And a website is a collection of many web pages linked together under one domain.

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