Best Website Builders in 2019-(Wix, Site123, Weebly)

By admin / May 3, 2019

If you are an aspiring writer or a freelancer seeking to attract new clients, one of the best ways to display your work is through an online portfolio . Writing portfolios allow you to view past work and can serve as a platform to showcase your versatility as a writer.

One of the most challenging hurdles in creating a portfolio site is figuring out which website builder to use. Fortunately, the best website builders make it easy to create and update your portfolio site. Some common portfolio site are Wix, Weebly, WordPress and so on. This gives you more time to work on creating amazing content to attract new customers.


The site editor drag and drop the Wix’s easy to create any type of website, including portfolio sites. They also offer a wide variety of templates perfectly suited for blogs or author portfolios . Some of the standard features that will help you promote your work include:

  • Social media tools to share your work with the masses.
  • Automatic customization of mobile devices so your work can be viewed on mobile devices.
  • Ability to add HD quality videos and photos to your website and articles.
  • Protect your site to prevent others from stealing your work.

Wix has an extensive App Market that can help you customize your writing portfolio site. You can also schedule regular updates to create an ever-changing digital journal.

If you use Wix, choose the Unlimited or higher plan. Comparing to other , web site building costs for this site is much low. Their lower-level plans, Combo and Connect Domain, offer restrictive storage and bandwidth limits. Although the other plans are a bit more expensive, getting a project or a new client owes more than paying for the subscription.


The Site123 is another option for those who want to create a writing portfolio. If you just want to view old works or use your website as a blog platform to showcase your versatility as a writer, there are several templates available to build your website.

You’ll also enjoy many of the following standard features that will help you expand your portfolio site:

  • Sort your work using drop-down menus for navigation.
  • Share your work on social media.
  • Responsive web design.
  • Email marketing tools to send subscriber updates to new articles.
  • Protect your site to prevent users from copying your articles.

One of the biggest advantages of using Site123 is the ability to configure your site in 80 different languages . If you write in multiple languages, you can set up Web pages in each language and display your work. Multilingual writers are always in high demand , and this is one way to showcase their skills.

Unfortunately, Site123 does not offer many portfolio-related applications or plug-ins like other site builders . This does not stop you from creating an incredible portfolio, but the design process will be a bit more complicated than using other platforms.

For professional advice, do not use the free plan. You are forced to use a subdomain and will host Site123 ads. You can view site123 reviews for better option.This makes your work seem cheap.

Of all the website builders on this list, WordPress will offer you more options to customize a writing portfolio site . For starters, there are a variety of free and premium portfolio templates available online. One of the top selling themes for writers is the WP Blog For Writers and Journalists .

Then will allow you to set up portfolios automatically . Some models automatically support portfolios, while others may encode the feature in portfolios on their own.

The best plug-ins and writing portfolio templates are Premium , such as Nimble Portfolio, Media Grid and Go Portfolio . Some free portfolio models and plug-ins may offer limited resources.

Again, do not worry about the free plan on as this limits the storage and number of templates available. Your best bet would be to opt for Premium or higher, as this unlocks all Premium templates available in WordPress. This is the best way to introduce yourself as an experienced or professional writing author.


The Weebly is well suited for portfolio sites. In addition to their intuitive drag-and-drop site creator , they offer many portfolio themes specially designed to showcase your previous writing work . You will also have numerous options for publishing new parts. The website building costs for this site is much lower than other sites with same specification.

Weebly offers the following features that are particularly useful for portfolio designers:

  • Unlimited storage.
  • Upload documents to show original writing assignments.
  • Complete mobile device optimization.

They also offer a wide variety of free and premium apps in the App Center . In weebly you can use the Media Gallery to view your articles or you can organize your work using the Accordion application so visitors can easily find the writing content that interests them most .

The plan for beginners may work, but if you plan to sell digital products (such as e-books ) on your portfolio website, you will need to upgrade to the business plan.


The Jimdo  is another builder to help writers create the portfolio site quickly. You can set up a website in just three minutes using the Dolphin AI builder or using a pre-configured portfolio template for your design.

Like the other creators on this list, all models are optimized for mobile devices. Unfortunately, Jimdo does not offer an extensive application or library of plug-ins, so the design elements are not as advanced as the other creators. However, you can add a Goodreads Review Widget if you have published Goodreads and want to show positive reviews about your work.

The free plan forces you to have a Jimdo subdomain and requires you to host Jimdo ads. You can enjoy more specification in Jimdo with low web site building costs. In addition, you get only 500 MB of storage space. Jimdo’s Pro plan will work for many initial portfolio sites, but if you need to host many large files or want to sell your work directly from your site, you will need to upgrade to at least the Business plan. Strinkingly is also one of the website similar to Jimdo, you can also view strinkingly reviews for better choice of creating a ownsite

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