Best Website Builders – How To Choose It?

By admin / October 12, 2019

It’s very difficult to imagine a modern business without a website. Yes, this phrase is already battered, but this does not lose its relevance. Today, even private masters and freelancers are trying to create and promote their site. Modern small business often does not have an office or a store outside the Internet instead they go for best website builders. In general, the question of whether a site is needed? is rarely encountered by anyone. Do you want to know about digital marketing tips then check here

They turn to specialists who create a full-fledged site for them, help to fill and promote it. And what should small businesses do if there are no funds to pay for professional services? Most come to the option of creating a site on their own with the help of a designer. At the same time, the person has practically no knowledge of web programming, but there is a desire to do something, study the sites of competitors, and understand how he would like to make his site. 

I believe that with a competent approach, this option can and should be used. At the beginning of my activity, I personally used a site created by the designer.

As you know, sites are of different types:

  • One-page (landing pages). Intended for the sale of a single product, advertising, promotions, etc.
  • Online stores.
  • Multipage sites that may contain any information.

And here I will talk mainly about the last type of site. Most of the designers focused on them. In addition, knowledge of the general principles of work will also help in the creation of specialized projects.

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What Is A Website Builder?

In the general case, a site designer can be called any tool that will allow you to create a site without writing code. Ideally, to work with the site designer, you don’t need to know HTML code or programming languages, everything should be simple and clear as possible that will be perfect for best website builders for small business

By design, site designers are divided into two types:

  1. SAAS (cloud solutions): All the functionality necessary for work will be located on the developer’s server. All sites that are created using these designers are hosted by developers.
  2. Standalone (stand-alone solutions): In this case, the user receives a designer program on some medium or downloads it to his computer. And then before you start working with the best website builders, this constructor needs to be installed (copied) to the hosting.

Choosing a constructor: templates and features

The first thing I recommend paying attention to when choosing a site builder is the number of ready-made templates. It is extremely rare that users of site designers are able to create their own unique template, and not everywhere the service allows you to upload your workpieces. 

Font Selection in top 10 best website builders

When choosing a site template, you need to be very careful about solutions that use non-standard beautiful Latin fonts. The fact is that a much smaller number of fonts are developed for the Cyrillic alphabet, and there is a possibility that in your chosen template, the Russian letters will be displayed either generally or incorrectly (with strange characters), i.e. Cyrillic is not supported by the template at all, or some completely different font will be selected for the Cyrillic characters in the selected template, in which the site looks much less aesthetically pleasing. 

Some designers also allow you to connect your own fonts or use any fonts from Google Fonts. In this case, you have a wide choice of fonts, but still there is no guarantee that you will be able to choose the Cyrillic font exactly as the text was written in Latin in the demo version of the template. Check this moment before buying a template, make sure that you will also like the site with Russian text. This will help to avoid disappointment.

Plugins and modules

Plugins, modules, and extensions are different names for all kinds of add-ons that can be connected to the main core of the site. In fact, these are various additional features that may be needed in various cases. Of course, the more plugins you have in the site builder, the better. Since a large number of plugins increases the chances that you can implement all the features you need on your site. It is important to understand: adding a third-party plug-in or add-in to a site executed on a designer is impossible in most cases. Developers prohibit the use of third-party code. 

Plugins can be very different, in fact, these are any opportunities beyond the base minimum – a static site with pictures and text. Choose the wordpress plugin suitable for the best website from animasmarketing builders for small business. For example, with the help of extensions implemented:

  • Feedback, customer records, etc .;
  • Yandex-cash desk, Robokassa, SMS-billing, other online payment options;
  • Current exchange rates, weather in the region, the connection of other informers;
  • Photo gallery, forum, page for reviews and comments;
  • Adding online support chat and callback order;
  • Forum, social media buttons and more.

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Even an online store is often offered to be added to the site using extensions in the designer. Therefore, be sure to see if there are all the extensions necessary for you. 

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Work with pictures

Any of the existing site designers allows uploading your images to the site, illustrating pages and creating photo galleries. The difference between them in two nuances:

The appearance of the photo gallery. It all depends on the plugins offered by the developers. And although they strive to provide their users with a choice of several very different gallery options, but anyway – there may be a situation where it is not exactly this option for displaying photos that you want in the selected designer.

Site responsiveness

Adaptability (adaptive design, adaptive layout) – this is a feature of the best website builders to change the proportions and arrangement of individual elements, depending on which device they will view it on. If you open a site on the small screen of a smartphone that does not have an adaptive design, it will simply be reduced in proportion to the size of the screen, and otherwise, it will look exactly the same as on a large computer screen. 

Website Promotion (SEO)

Almost all site designers promise perfect website promotion. In fact, the success or failure of your progress practically does not depend on the designer. It will be determined by the quality of your content, a competent approach to the needs and requirements of your target audience, and other factors that are not related to the features of the work of the designer.

Social Media Engagement

If you plan to promote your site and your business, including through social networks, and today it is a very popular solution in almost any field of activity, be sure to make sure that the designer you have chosen provides for interaction with the social networks you are interested in. Get the best builder from the top 10 best website builders.

Simplicity and ease of work with the designer

This point is very important, first of all, for inexperienced users. The system should be simple and understandable for you so that you can engage in the creation of the site, and not with a long and often ineffective study of the designer. Today, many services offer “visual site builders” in which you can use the mouse and keyboard to place different blocks on the pages in the “what I see, it will be on the site” mode. See what happens, correct in the same convenient and intuitive visual mode. More experienced users often prefer the mode of working with the site structure, as on the CMS engine. Those. they are ready to create one or more templates for forming pages and then work with the content not directly on the page in visual mode, but add it using a simpler visual editor.

Site Speed

This parameter designers often also indicate among their advantages. In fact, it makes sense to pay attention to this parameter only if everything is very bad, i.e. you look at the sites created in this constructor, and you understand that the pages are really barely loading. But this is in our time – an exception to the rule or a sign of serious technical problems (emergency) on the service. More often than not, all the sites on the designers load the page fast enough for users to wait for the full download. This parameter was important with the slow Internet about 10 years ago for computers, and with “turtle” speeds of 2G on the same slow obsolete mobile phones. 

Now all this has ceased to be relevant. Besides, low site loading speed does not affect the indexing of pages by search engines in the best way and, as a result, search promotion. So choose the best website builders for small business. But here also: if the site visually loads fast enough, which with the modern Internet can be said about almost any designer, then there should not be any problems with the search engines.

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