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By admin / February 28, 2019

We has analyzed dozens of website creation software from every angle to find the best free website builder software. 5 software programs that are for us the best on the market today: Wix , Jimdo , Strikingly , 1and1 and Weebly .

Website creation software: 14 criteria to compare 

1. Getting started

Wix, Strikingly, Weebly and Jimdo are distinguished by the speed of ownership of their website creation solution, thanks to a simple interface, clear and well organized.

2. Design

It is at Wix and Jimdo that we find the most neat and advanced website templates. 1 and 1 instead proposes sectoral site models broken down by occupation. Strinkingly offers a simple “one-page website” solution with modern and elegant designs, based on existing themes.

3. Functional wealth

Wix is ​​the most complete site creation software, especially in free version, even if we can regret the lack of depth of navigation (only 2 levels as at Jimdo). Weebly is second in terms of the richness and quality of the features.

4. SEO

Most software publishers provide minimal access to SEO settings (title, meta tags in particular) even in free version, except Strikingly, which relies on natural referencing in the creation of its sites (customization of URLs, meta and titles). Jimdo, on the other hand, limits access to these tools to paid versions. URL customization is not available even for good Wix and Weebly students.

5. Help and support

The support offered by Jimdo is particularly fast and effective. Some difficulties to report on the side of 1 and 1, while Weebly unfortunately offers support in English.

6. Blog

Only 1 and 1 does not provide for the creation of a blog integrated to your site. It is Weebly who provides the most advanced blog solution in terms of features: scheduling the publication of an article (also available at Wix), comments via Disqus (also at Jimdo) and integrations of social media, .

7. Mobile Version

The 5 selected site creation software editors all now offer “responsive” site templates that allow the interface of your site to be adapted to mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

8. Sending newsletters

Only Wix and 1and1 My website offer real tools for creating integrated newsletters. For the other editors of site it will be necessary to use the type Mailchimp.

9. E-commerce

Among the publishers, all offer e-commerce features to integrate an online store section to your website, mostly for paid formulas. The most successful solution is that of Jimdo, followed closely by Wix. The other 3 are rather disadvised.

10. Adding HTML / CSS code

This feature that allows advanced customization of the created website is available in the 5 site creation software studied here.

You want to create a website but have a very tight budget? We invite you to discover our article ” Creating a” cheap “website – What are the risks? “.

11. Export of the site possible

If you want to change the site creation solution later, only Weebly can export all the HTML / CSS code of your site so you can easily import it into a new CMS like WordPress.

12. Forms of help

Unlike other software, 1and1 offers phone support for its site creation solution. Email support is available everywhere and globally quite responsive, even if the answers are sometimes unsatisfactory at 1and1, Weebly and Webnode. On the other hand, the Wix online help center is very rich in explanatory resources.

13. Free version

Unlike its 4 competitors, 1and1 does not offer a free version of unlimited duration but only a free trial version of 30 days before having to upgrade to a paid version. Below we have given the best free website builder software.

14. Paid Offers

Each software offers 2 to 4 paid formulas, some of which are specifically dedicated to e-merchants (Wix, Jimdo, Weebly). Prices vary a lot depending on the formulas and the actors and the prices must be compared according to the functional perimeter desired for the creation of your website.

Free and easy website builder software

Many people see WordPress as the top free website builder software to design only for blogs. If it was more the case in its infancy, now this CMS (“Content Management System” translated by “Content Management System”) has become a hyper modern and powerful web platform including thousands of specialized modules. WordPress is the most used and most popular CMS in the world with 59.8% of market share as of January 1st, 2014.

And if you believe that this platform is only for amateur websites or small businesses, think again. With CNN, NASA, Ebay, Playstation, Cnet, New York time, Time magazine, Samsung and Sony using it either as a website platform or for their blog, there is evidence that professional sites in all styles can be accomplished through this CMS! Even the website on which you are reading the article right now is also made in WordPress!

What qualities are worth his place number 1? What interest for companies? And why WordPress rather than Joomla, Drupal or Magento?

I do not want to just insinuate that Joomla, Drupal, Magento or any other CMS is unusable where does not have the capabilities and functionality needed to create a powerful website. Our team was able to test several of them and WordPress appeared to us as the most complete and easy to use to create a website for an SME in Quebec , both from the point of view of business owners and designers, designers and programmers. One of the major and major advantages for a corporate website made with WordPress is that it can perform extremely well in search engines, provided it is done right.

You will find at the end of this article an infographic  that compares the 3 most important CMS (WordPress, Joomla and Drupal). In this one, we can clearly see that in terms of cost and simplicity, WordPress is the winner # 1. Indeed, WordPress has, on average, much lower costs of uploads and interviews. It also has many more modules and is also easier to edit and manipulate for users. Of course, for some types of projects or companies, Joomla or Drupal could be considered a good alternative, but in most cases, WordPress will offer you more than you need. I strongly advise you to take a look for accurate comparisons and statistics.

Here are 6 reasons why you benefit from creating your corporate website via WordPress.

1-Optimized platform for web referencing

2-Simplicity of integration of a responsive design

3-A free CMS, open source and ever changing = Economy $$$

4-A large community always ready to create new extensions

5-Ease of use for a company and its great flexibility

6-All designs are possible, as are the features too!


1) Optimized platform for web referencing

WordPress is recognized as one of the most effective CMS for SEO in search engines . You can also compare it to Joomla and Drupal in computer graphics. There are hundreds of modules (plug-ins) that can perform these actions that are favorable to SEO. Here are some examples:

– optimize metas titles and metas descriptions and tag H tag

– integrate microdata

– optimized texts and images for some keywords

– Embed seo friendly URLs

– track positioning for specific keywords in Google

– test page variations to improve the conversion rate

– integrate codes for monitoring statistics

– Integrate modules to optimize the conversion rate (pop up, notification bar .)

– Submit sitemaps and control the robots.txt file as well as goods and other possibilities .

In addition, all these modules can be manipulated without knowledge of programming or HTML. In short, the websites made in WordPress are very famous to rank well in Google. Improving the visibility of a corporate website via search engines like Google is not to be overlooked since in Quebec 84% of Quebecers use the Net and 43% of Google searches target products and services of local businesses .

Of course, this will require some optimization work from a web strategist, but all the necessary tools are available on WordPress.

2) Simplicity of integration of a responsive design

More and more WordPress themes, even free ones, integrate a totally responsive technology , that is to say mobile web sites perfectly adapted to all types of receivers: large-screen computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

“Responsive design” really allows different display as well as ergonomics depending on the size of the screen used. It does not reject any user and facilitates navigation on the site. Having a responsive design that adapts to screen resolutions is also an aspect that is important for web visibility and internet referencing. Google ranks responsive websites better than those with a mobile version.

When making requests from smart phones, Google will favor sites with a responsive design and / or a mobile version. Thus, this functionality found in WordPress allows to have a modern platform adapted to new technologies in addition to seeking more visibility. It’s not that other CMS are not responsive, but in WordPress it’s very easy to implement

3) A free, open source and evolving CMS = Saving $$$

WordPress is open source software just like Joomla and Drupal are. This characteristic means that it is free software that can be modified at will and free of charge. Thus, a huge amount of themes and plug-ins are available for free and legally thanks to community enthusiasts! Indeed, thousands of programmers are constantly working to create new themes, new modules and to integrate the most diverse and specific features.So much so that now “everything is made possible” with WordPress.

There are also some paid modules, but the cost per module is generally very low (between $ 10 and $ 40). In addition, when you have access to these modules, the creators give you technical support in case of problems or incompatibility. Paid modules also have the advantage of being very specific to particular business sectors. For example, there are modules to help agents immobility to manage and sell real estate properties, others to take hotel reservations, or even make appointments for health professionals .

Starting from existing modules rather than tailoring everything has significant time and cost advantages for a company that wants to design its website. It is much faster and therefore cheaper, from an existing module that has already been developed, tested and put into operation to adapt it to the specific needs of the company than to develop everything to measure. The fact that WordPress is free software can significantly reduce the time and costs to create a website, without compromising the features. In addition, websites made with WordPress are scalable.

As you can see in the infographic, the initial cost and maintenance cost of WordPress is on average much lower than that for Joomla or Drupal.

4) A large community always ready to create new extensions

As soon as we talk about open source software , there is a strong community that is formed and WordPress is an example for any software of this type. The community of this CMS is among the most developed and active on the Web. From the Web Strategist to the professional developer, the entire community is busy improving this software, its themes and modules. Which means that none of your questions will remain unanswered and that your themes, plug-ins and the CMS itself will be updated regularly, ensuring that all the latest features are up-to-date, up to the standards of the Web and of course, enhanced security.

Do not worry about updates! These maintenances are made to be easy to set up. For example, updating WordPress is done in less than 6 seconds and causes no problem in 99% of cases. Indeed, the active web community of WordPress ensures that the CMS is always modern and adapted to current web trends.

5) Ease of use for a company and its great flexibility

One of the major points of this CMS is its ease of use. Indeed, even a neophyte of the Web can use WordPress to modify the content of its website. A CMS is a tool for creating a website without first going through a “coding” phase. So, no HTML / CSS knowledge is required to add or edit content, be it images, text or videos. Moreover, WordPress is by far the most intuitive and clear interface, a bit similar to Microsoft Word. All updates of plug-ins, themes where the CMS itself are only done with a few clicks. Thus, anyone can modify and update the website. Here is an example of the administration interface.

Finally, since version 3.3 of WordPress, the administration interface has a “responsive” design that allows access to the site optimally from mobile devices. In addition, Androids and IOS (for iPhone) applications are available to manage your site even more efficiently. It is also possible to give different types of access to different users where everyone has certain permissions and restrictions.

6) All designs are possible, as are the features!

The customization of WordPress websites is almost infinite with multiple possibilities of integration of design and functionality. All creation becomes possible since WordPress can be modified at will. Many web professionals commonly use this PHP-based CMS and even highly complex web sites can be created.

A host of themes already come with some specific designs related to certain areas of business, but it is also possible to incorporate a drawing, a Photoshop model, or any design to create a custom theme.

The community has already created over 29,000 plug-ins and 2,200 free themes (Source

Here is a small list of the most common WordPress uses:

a showcase site for a service company

  • a transaction website e-Commerce online sales
  • a Website with database
  • a Forum, a Classifieds site
  • an online magazine
  • a Directory or Directory, a Wiki
  • a social network, an intranet

The only draw back is your creativity and your imagination . A WordPress site is constantly evolving and it is easy to add features or design elements.

Simplicity, visibility, economic: Worpress, the best choice for an SME

Its ease of use for users, its thousands of themes and modules available and its very active community make WordPress a very popular tool for both amateurs and professionals. Moreover, its performance and its free access make it essential to the development of SMEs for the creation of a website that will allow them to increase their visibility via the Web.

Last but not least, its access flexibility due to being based “online” and not on a computer allows it to be used from anywhere. You can also create different accesses with different permissions to different users, who can login and edit the website simultaneously.

Finally, the help and content offered by the community, make him the CMS par excellence and he still has better days ahead of him.

If you are a business and hesitate in choosing your platform, WordPress is a choice you will not regret!

Check this video about website builder.

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