A Place To Check The Most Leading Website Builders In 2018

We have lot of reviews that seems to be the best website builders of 2018. We have included a list of review for the best 18 popular website builders that is available online, through some critical analyses and the testings that was conducted. Choose the best website builder for you from the list you are going to see now.



The versatility of WIX is very high and it can create any type of websites.

Flexibility - 97%
User Friendly - 95%
Support - 95%
Features - 90%


Site123 is very simple and can easily create websites but at the same time it's very powerful.

Flexibility - 95%
User Friendly - 99%
Support - 95%
Features - 88%


This is a great tool for the beginners and the advanced users and it's cost is very low.

Flexibility - 94%
User Friendly - 96%
Support - 94%
Features - 86%


Strikingly is a best place to build websites but it's the best place to build onw-page websites.

Flexibility - 92%
User Friendly - 83%
Support - 79%
Features - 80%

It is one of the best user friendly website that's found. It is also very flexible and functional.

Flexibility - 88%
User Friendly - 83%
Support - 75%
Features - 90%


The squarespace provides lot of beautiful templates. It makes you an expert with it's stylish factors.

Flexibility - 77%
User Friendly - 75%
Support - 79%
Features - 70%


It has multilingual options plus the designs are more responsive and modern with unique features.

Flexibility - 65%
User Friendly - 60%
Support - 66%
Features - 60%


Jimdo is very much user friendly, it helps you to build a website within 2-3 mins. Super Cool! Right!

Flexibility - 55%
User Friendly - 57%
Support - 60%
Features - 40%


The main purpose of Enjin is for the gaming communities but you can build any kind of website.

Flexibility - 56%
User Friendly - 52%
Support - 60%
Features - 40%

The Guide To Find The Best Website Builder

We have worked a lot with all the top website builders that's available to come out with the best results. All our reviews are based on the analysis and the testing that was performed in the website builders

The Usual Myths With Building A Website

All know the importance of websites in the recent days to develop a business. A survey states that 88% of the Americans are using Internet and you know what the gross income in the E-Commerce market is approximately $450 billion in America alone and it is really very important to have a website.

But still there are small businesses who do not have websites. This is due to the myths that's present to build a website. Here are some of the myths that's been developed in creating a website.

To hire a website developers you should pay thousands of dollars to design a website.

Programming is an important skill to build a business website on your own.

There is a belief that maintaining a website is really very high and it wants a full-time developer.

With the help of the guide provided you can just break out all the myths in creating a website. So let's get into the list soon.

What Is The Signifance Going With A Website Builder

The major benefit to go with a website builder is that you can have full control of your website at any time, and it's not over yet you can also save your time and money if you chose to go with website builders.

WIX Website Builder Vs Ego Of A Programmer

I never trusted the website builders where you can simply build a website by using some drag and dropping options. I came to an assumption that these are not going to be useful for me.

I had a grudge that only with PHP or Node.js codes we can build a perfect website. But my perception has changed after seeing some of the information listed below;

Name Of The Website Builders


No. Of Users










Even if the above list looks to be convincing, I Couldn't blindly trust it but then I came across an article which helped me to learn more about building a website very easily. It was a surprise to know that Shopify and Weebly were listed publicly and there were nearly 100K stores that was powered by Shopify!

The statistics that was portrayed there made me to take my ego away. Then I decided to make use of WIX and I became a VIP member of WIX to check out how this is going to work actually. It only took couple of hours for me to complete the website, I had nothing else in my mind after that. This is revolutionary!

I felt so ashamed for not making use of the benefits of the e-commerce store. Even a fresher who doesn't know about coding can make use of the website builders to create a super cool website.

Now I can simply build a E-Commerce website or a shopify store within few hours of time. There is no need of coding knowledge to maintain a website whereas if I want to build an e-commerce website using coding it takes months for a simple one all has been changed due to the existence of website builders.

I was very much amazed using WIX, it's cost, time, maintenance and efficiency triggered me to check with other top website builders.

To learn more about the website builders that's available in the marker I got help from my developer friends. The information we collected was very useful and it helped us to come out with a detailed analysis. Here are the small abstract of what we discovered:

  • Top Website Builders (20)
  • Store Builders (5)
  • Website Hosting (13)
  • Content Management Systems (3)
  • Real User Reviews (150+)

What's Better: To Use Website Builders Or To Hire A Developer

What may be the advantages and disadvantages of a website builder when compared to go with a professional website builder or a developer? What do you think as a best option to build your own website yourself or to spend huge amount of money in hiring a professional designer?

The final solution depends on your requirements, money and the time required to build a website.

Cost Of Building A Website Using A Web Developer

The lowest cost in building a website using a web developer can cost you around $2500, if you want to go with a more professional and an elite builder then the cost can go upto $10,000.

There is also another factor that you should think before going with a website developer. If you want to make any changes in the design of a website then you can rehire them or you have to hire someone else to make changes. Then this is going to cost you once again. 

Apart from this you have three questions that you should ask yourself before hiring a web developer.

  • Do I require a custom, scalable website?
  • Do I get profit in my business to go with the website development or maintenance cost that may incur?
  • Am I stable to go with the overhead that is caused in hiring a developer?

Efficiency And The Usage Of Website Builders

Building a website using a website builder is very simple and you can build your own websites with just few clicks. Many website builders have free trials or Money back guarantee options. So it is worth trying and you are not going lose anything.

Most of the good website builders have the following options:

  • Templates that are pre-built previously
  • 24/7 live supoprt
  • Easy option to add blocks as required
  • You can simply build a website within 4 hrs of time
  • Initial cost will be very low
  • There will regular updates in the tools and features

The best thing to go with the website builders is that you can have full control of your website if you make use of the website builder. And at the same time you can also make changes in the website whenever it is required. The cost is going to be very less when compared to hiring a developer.

You can build any kind of business using a website builder. Their flexibility is very high and can be used for all kind of business starting from small businesses to larger business. There are few examples that can be built using a website builder:

Fitness Trainers

Small Scale Business 


Graphic Designers


Content Writers



Internet Marketers

Book Authors

Online Bloggers

Real Estate Owners

Online Coaching

Beauty Salon


So far we have discussed about the advantages to go with the website builders when compared to a web developer. We have also given you a hint about which business can go for website builders. Now the next important thing we are going to share with you is the factors we consider while we select a website builder. If you have decided to go with the website builders to build a website then consider the following evaluation process to go with the good one.

How We Tested Website Builders

I'm not going to give a very vague information concentrating on just a single website. I'm going to give you my personal review that I went through to find out the best website builder. All my suggestions are going to be unbiased and the best of bestest website builder is mentioned here.

The main motive in building this website is to find out best website builders that's suitable for you. This list will be updated every month so that you will be benefited.

The first step we did was we went with the top and the best website builders that's available in the market. At the end we gathered all the information and came to a conclusion stating 12 important steps or criterias that you should consider while selecting a website builder.

Let's get in detail with the 12 step process that's required while selecting the website builder.

The 12 Keys Of Our Evaluation Process

Very Easy To Handle:

To learn more about the website builders that's available in the marker I got help from my developer friends. The information we collected was very useful and it helped us to come out with a detailed analysis. Here are the small abstract of what we discovered:

Options Available To Design:

The most important thing you have to consider in designing is that it should have a big impact. First we checked how much theme is available and what are the styles present in it. There are plenty of website builders but at the same time we also check the how does the theme perform. Here are the things you should consider in the design package:

  • Total number of themes
  • The backgrounds present in the theme
  • How reliable the theme is?
  • Is the theme flexible with all platforms?
  • How does the theme look?
  • The responsiveness of the theme and
  • The styles present in the theme
Importance Of Features:

The features of a website builder makes the difference when compared with the other website builders. The best features present in a website builder the better it is. So don't forget to go through the different features in the website builder you selected.

The SEO friendly Website Builder:

We got into all the SEO features that is available in the website builder and we reviewed them one by one. All the SEO options like the meta description, editing URL options, SEO plugins. We covered most of all the important things to make your website to get ranked #1 in Google. We analysed mainly based on the below mentioned features in a website. Technology analysis, Sitemaps, meta tags, maps, site structure, etc.

Reliablity In Integrations:

Check whether the website builder has good integration options with social medias like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and so on? Check whether they are able to go with the plugins to do email subscription, membership, whether they are able to comment and other features.

Cost And Live Support:

We did an analysis by comparing the price of the different packages provided by other website builders. And found out the best and safe website builder. When it comes to support we sent our reviewers to contact the support team via phone, Email and Live chat. We also checked the FAQ section and filtered out the best website builder that provides good support.


This criteria is also important now-a-days. It is important to check whether the design is good in all platforms like the Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone or desktop.

Mobile Friendliness:

If it's about the responsiveness of a design then you should check with the mobile platform. The design you have made should go well with the mobile platform, the theme should settle well, the styles used all should remain in it's place. If it goes well then the theme is mobile friendly and we have taken this into account too.

Loading Speed:

We conducted different tests for various templates in different devices to make sure that the website has good or a medium loading speed. The following factors were considered to rank the website builders depending the loading speed.

  • Page Score
  • Y Score
  • Page load time depending on the page size
  • Capability of caching
  • How does the theme look?
  • The responsiveness of the theme and
  • The styles present in the theme
Reviews Of Real Users:

Having a strong programming experience, we know what are the qualities of a good website builder, but this is alone not enough. We collected the reviews of the real time users and came to know what made them to struggle them a lot and what gave them confidence in building a website, thus came to a conclusion about many website builders.

Pros And Cons:

After going through a website builder simply write down the pros and cons of the website builder, and filter out what suits you. This is what we have done for you in this website.


We have explained you the factors that you should consider when selecting a website builder. We have given our 100% to stay unbiased with our work. Below we have discussed about which website builder goes well with different categories. Let's have a look.

Winners Of Categories

As mentioned before we tried different website builders and noted down the detailed study of each website builder through our 12 step evaluation process and we have provided the winners for each category. So let's head forward.


You want to design a super cool website using the website builder but unfortunately if the building option is so complicated then you could not bring out what you wanted. So a website builder should be user-friendly to use, and that's the first thing you have to consider while building a website builder.


Compared to many website builders, Wix was very much efficient and very easy to use. So they nailed the rest of the website builders.


You can add all the beautiful scenes, widgets, charts and other things into your site. But just imagine if it is going to take more than 30 seconds to load everything no one is going to wait to see what's there. So it is also a very important thing while creating a website.


It has the highest loading speed when compared to others.


The site now gets loaded very fast but then the design of the site is very basic and simple, if that’s the case then the customers return their way as they came. So to make your customers stay in your website the design should be appealing. We have evaluated a website builder based on the important criterias such as number of themes, it's look, background, reliability, flexibility, etc to find out the best website to.


It has more that 65 beautiful themes that can be customized and are more flexible. 


In today's world everybody is using smart phones to browse rather than on a PC. So it is very important that the theme should be supported in mobile. We selected the best website builder with mobile friendly experience based on the mobile editor functionality and the loading speed in mobile devices.



If you want your website to be known to everyone then SEO is the best way, and so there are website builders which come up with the SEO options. We have sorted the best available one right now.



This option is useful for you and for your customers, you get want you want and the same will be with the customer if the integrations option of a website builder sounds good. At the same time if the integration is not that good then you and your customer won't be satisfied.


If you are at the beginning stage of building your own website for the first time, then you will have lot of questions to be asked. So customer support is definitely important.


Here you get the fastest reply and the way to reach the support is very simple.


This is also an important factor you should consider while choosing a website builder. We have compared the features of website builders with it's competitors and has come to a conclusion.


It takes this category by having a great scope in features.


1) Is there any free trial available or it should be monthly paid and what are the extras that come with the package?

Considering the price is very important but at the same time you should check whether you get what you pay for. In that case WIX moves down everything else down and stands first. It is cheaper and it provides good options as well. It has 3 different plans starting from $4.08 to $16.17.You don't want to pay after you subscribe to a package unless you upgrade. You also have money back offer for 14 days. You have free trials with WIX but you have to pay for the features. Yolas comes next in the list having packages ranging from $6.95 to $29.95, you have free trial available and also the money back guarantee.

2) What about the loading speeds? and can a website builders handle the pressure of multiple users?

We tried with many website builders and the fastest builder was Voog which had a speed of around 2.8 seconds and the slowest was WIX with 18.6 seconds, but we can't finalize it with a simple sample site so it is better to check on your own about the loading speeds.

3) What are the themes that are available and what is the maximum extent of customization?

All the websites will have unique and beautiful designs. The procedure will the same with most of the website builders allowing you make changes as you require. WIX has won this category because using WIX you can just drag and drop an element to make changes.

4) Does all the websites are supported in major devices?

We have tried with all the website builders and all by default was supported on other major devices.

5) What are the type of websites that a website builder can create and how many websites can be hosted that way?

There are three website builders that can perform well when compared to other website builders. They have default themes for various industries like (health, fashion, etc.). But this time again it goes to WIX because it has functional solutions for different departments like blogging, E-Commerce and many other.

6) How SEO friendly the websites are?

If your website is not optimized for the search engines then you are not going to get the organic traffic that your site wants. Here again the websites like the WIX, Weebly and Strikingly comes first in the SEO category.

7) Can the data be restored if a mistake is done?

This is a crucial thing but apart from the (Ctrl + Z) option Weebly helps to restore the deleted blocks, pages, etc. Site123, Squarespace and XPRS provides the similar option but it is restored only for 30 days in the trash.

8) Do you get a quick reply or help if we are stuck in between the process?

Customer support is an important thing that is required. We tested with many website builders and out of which Strikingly has all means like E-Mail, Chat and phone to contact them. They had quick responses when compared to others. Weebly and Sqaurespace didn't respond to our E-Mails and there was no response in Live Chat of Voog.

9) What about the blogging solution and how much advanced is it?

We have checked with all the website builders that has dedicated blogging solutions and we checked whether there is scheduling post is available and to send Newsletter at a mentioned time. In this test Wix, Squarespace and Weebly exceled the levels.

10) Is it easy to make use of the Website Builder and how much does it take to build a website?

It depends on the website builder you have selected. If you are a first time user then it is better to go with Strikingly. But to get a overall good experience the better choice is to go with Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. It only takes few hours to build a website.